Optimal Charging Protocol

  • I wanted to ask the community for input on optimal charging practices for the OW (I get my XR in April). I don't have a ton of experience with rechargeable batteries, outside my cell phone.

    How do I guarantee the best life span for my OW batteries? Do I need to wait till the battery is fully depleted until I charge it again? Do I need to make sure I recharge to 100% before I take it off the charger? What is the deal with the 48-72 hour charge sessions? Any electrical engineers in the house?

  • @drgordon This is a good topic since I just had one of my OW+'s battery pack replaced after 6 months of use. I did not get any feedback from FM on how I should have handled the charging routine but these are my thoughts so far:

    1. Avoid deep-discharging the pack. Shorter cycles are better than longer charge cycles. For example, charging routinely from 5% - 100% is much worse than charging from 55% - 100%. The cycle capacity of the 55-100 is more than double - perhaps triple the cycle capacity of the 5 - 100 battery.
    2. Don't let the pack get too hot. >45C is a definite killer of these batteries. It makes me think twice about leaving my OW's in a hot car!
    3. I heard that leaving the OW's plugged in all the time is fine for the pack. While this may be contrary to normal battery guidelines, we cannot see what the BMS is doing inside the pack.
    4. Storing the OW (when you aren't going to use it for a while) at 50% is ideal. I guess that is my off-season situation during the winter - keep the pack at mid SOC and at room temperature.
    5. During the riding season however, I will probably leave the OW's plugged in all the time since I use them every day.
    6. Cold temperature riding reduces the performance but so long as it is not too far below 0C, there is no long-term permanent issue. Never charge <0C.
    7. Oh and if you didn't get to 100% and wanted to ride - go ahead. Taking the pack to only 90% is probably better for the battery over the long term but in doing so there may be other issues (shorter range obviously, cells becoming unbalanced, range prediction miscalculations). I tend to think that changing it up is the best routine.
    8. I recently purchased a Carvepower rig and I love being able to incrementally charge my pack during a longer ride. If I stop and my SOC is at 20%, I will top up until I am ready to go again. That could mean my SOC gets to 75% before I ride off again. From what I have read this is the sweet spot to operate the battery - not too low and not too high.

    And if you don't believe me, here is where I learned a lot of what I have stated:


    Hope this helps - Cheers!

  • My biggest concern is charging to 90% and not 100% as I've got a huge hill at the start of my commute. I wish we had a bleed off power feature, so I didn't have to sit around the charger to keep it from 100% or have to ride for 20 minutes to burn enough power to be able to go down hill.

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