Ready to Fly (Without the Zip-Ties?)

  • Hey there everyone!

    I'm trying to see if there is enough interest to proceed with manufacturing - how many Flight Fins users want a way to ditch the zip-ties?

    I have a prototype in my hands that works GREAT, and looks fantastic. (also happens to protect the hell out of your rails too)..

    Anyone interested? Made from high-quality stainless steel, and built to last as long as your board - they'll run about $30/set with all the hardware needed to install.

    No modification of your Onewheel, or fender is needed. Works with Carbon Fiber as well as Plastic FM fender.

  • @ow-miami HI, I would be interested..

  • @ow-miami - I'd be very interested - can you post a picture, or description? Or are you worried someone might swoop in and copy your design?

  • @glyph - I've posted them on Facebook. Just being lazy. Will post here in a second.

  • alt text

    alt text

  • @ow-miami this seems way more solid. I remain interested! Let us know when they are available!

  • Looks solid!

  • I like it.

  • Would be neat if they were either powder coated or anodized.

    Also, I think it would provide better strength if they went around the frame? And I'm curious to know how easily they bend if I was to pull on its end with my hand. Would I be able to?

  • @mrclowny

    If you pull on it in a way that replicates the stress, you'll find it will still give a tiny amount of flex in the hand, but with screw in place that force is largely distributed to the forward edge of the metal - so it's pretty stout, despite being fairly thin metal.

    We did try a few gauges, and can make stiffer ones to custom order if you somehow manage to make these fail - The solution after failure is to just re-tap the rails to a larger size and then use a bigger bolt - which is great anyway, as it would make the whole thing more stout. With that being said - the down side of heavier gauges of stainless is that they cannot be put on without bending the metal in a way that looks pretty unattractive. That and they're a real bitch to put on too.

    We have torqued on these pretty hard, and have seen zero issues so far.

    As for anodizing - you wouldn't want to have that sort of finish - it's shitty on stainless steel - like, it can be done, but .. really no good reason to.

    Powder coating is something we have considered - but aren't super sure of - the cost isn't justified really - unless there is actually a demand for a few limited edition pairs.

    Powder coated, Gold Plated? High polish stainless? Is there actually a demand for these finishes? Is is really worth the $5-10 extra it would surely add to the cost?

    I mean, perhaps for charity or something like that? We could create a couple of limited edition sets and make them available should anyone want them. But, I'd really need to know the demand was there - as it seems like just naked stainless has some big advantages - like, it's always going to look the same, even with scratches on it. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey do you think I could make this? Could you give measurements Because I might be able to bend the angles on a brick or granite table.

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