3D Print replacement fender

  • So I had my first and hopefully last nosedive after about a week of using my one wheel. I had a fender as I was using it to go to work and that shattered in the nose dive. Long story short after a few weeks back and forth with customer there was nothing wrong with my one wheel and they wouldn’t be able to do anything about the fender. I was out of commission for a few months from severely dislocating my arm so in the down time I designed and 3D printed a replacement, and the cost was much less than buying one from Onewheel. I’ve had a few local guys also break their fenders so I’m wondering if this is a common issue. Anyway my replacement came out nice, had to cut it in half to fit on the print plate.picture

    Picture 2

  • Impressive!
    Send me the stl file please?

    i am too lazy to design my own, but i own a Makerbot Dual Extruder .

  • i really wish I had a 3d printer. I can't afford to break the FM fender, Failed too many times to make my own, and can't afford the carbon fiber fender. I wish someone sold injection molded Polypropylene Fenders. That would be amazing.

  • @whyphysco how much to print and ship me one?

  • That’s going to be really a long print, and will probably crack too easily if 3d printed...at the first overturn of the board it will be in pieces. Ask me how I know.

  • The printed fender can work, if you reinforce the underside with fiberglass. Using fiberglass also means you can make the print thinner to keep the print time down.


  • You will still have an issue where it bolts to the frame though. How can you reinforce that part with fiberglass? And even if fiberglassed, the outer shell could crack before the fiberglass does. Sounds like a lot of work to me, but let's see where you take it.

  • @ianjohnson
    That looks really nice...but can you drop it inverted with the board's weight without it cracking? This is the same issue I had with the handles I was making - too rigid.

    Now with my new flex handle I can drop it on the handle directly and it just bends.

  • I’ve rolled it on its side and had it flip over once and it’s holding up. Now my wife and I were moving a couch and she dropped it and it cracked a little but it is still very much functional.

    If I could get nylon print to work it would be even more durable as nylon is more flexible.

    To be honest it wouldn’t save you much for me to print and send one. Shipping would be horrible and the material cost about $25. I guess just off the top of my head $50 if I would do it.

    Print took 18 hours per side so yeah it’s a long print

  • I don't think you'll be able to print Nylon that large without severe warping. And Nylon will crack as well, unless it's something with a lot of give like Taulman 618.

    At some point it just becomes too expensive in terms of time and material (not to mention shipping), and the FM version becomes only a few dollars more at that point.

    IMO, it's really tough to sell a 3d printed fender for any sort of profit for these reasons.

  • @hoovdini your right the first attempt to do nylon it did warp about 2 hours into the print and messed up, I wasn’t able to get back to the printer till the next morning and even though the warp messed the print up, before the warp and after the warp the print looked good.

    After talking with Dremel I think it was the stock settings on the printer as it had the cooling fan cranked up for some reason but they did a print at their office and it came out good. If this one breaks I’ll try the next one again in Nylon.

    I agree 3D printing cost to try and sell doesn’t make a lot of sense, but for me I have the printer and material so it was cheaper for me to make one than buy a replacement. It was a fun little challenge to design it and have it fit. The ABD is holding up well so far, better than the Onewheel fender anyway. :)

  • @hoovdini It might hold up with more layers of fiberglass or CF underneath. That would be the real fender in effect, with the printed translucent PETG being cosmetic.

    TPU would make a good fender, but it would be have to be fairly thick to maintain enough rigidity to stay put while the upper layers are printed.

  • @whyphysco
    Way to go dude! Good initiative.

  • @whyphysco I also nosedived and jacked up my arm and shoulder and have also been out of commission for a few months, with potentially a few more to go. I made a shoulder protector to wear under my shirt (it's easy to put on/get off, not too hot, and subtle/sleek enough you don't really notice it under the shirt) on my leading shoulder when I get back on.

    You can see pictures & materials in this thread, it's easy and not too expensive to make, if you need anything to help get your confidence back at all:


  • @glyph since that I have made a conscious effort to stay below 15mph and I seem to not have any issues as I have been riding fine for about the last month.

    Although if it ever nose dives on me again you will see a post here advertising a used one wheel for sale.

    My fender is showing some signs of where and is cracking in a few places, but is still functional. I may have to make another one so I’ll see if I can make some improvements and maybe get the nylon to print correctly this time.

  • I would highly recommend the fender made by Makermarc. It is ten times stronger than the FM fender and is 35 dollars cheaper. Best 50$ ever.

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