Longer charge times with age?

  • I've put ~500 miles on my OW+ and I'm noticing that the charge times are getting longer than the original 20-minute full charge time out of the box when new. Most recently about 35-40 minutes for a full charge from empty. Not a huge deal but wanted to see if this is the consensus among higher mileage boards. While a full charged board gets me about the same amount of mileage, the battery indicator on the app is pretty useless so I've been using charge time to get a sense of how many miles I have to ride. Didn't realize that a 10-minute charge no longer amounted to 50% battery life and was left stranded for a commute that would be no problem if the battery was actually 50% charged.

  • Anyone else have this issue with their board or have you been able to keep the 20 min charge times that you got out of the box?

  • @clevemont I never had a 20 minute charge time from 0% even when brand new. I think others have mentioned that the claimed 20 minute charge time is not accurate. Most will see 35-40 minutes to achieve a full charge.

  • 30 to 90 is fast I've noticed. Depends on your start point. Defo a 30 min full charge for me empty to full

  • So the 20 minute charge essentially gets your the flat line ~80-90% of the charge. The second 10-20 minutes is to get you to 100%.

    I'm no expert but I believe FM was quoting the majority of the battery is charged in 20 minutes and it's definitely ridable. if you watch your cell voltage during charging you'll see it charges a good bit quickly but then takes a long time to finish.

    0_1519994268855_LiFePo4 Voltage.JPG

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