App says 100% charged, but nothing

  • Hopefully someone here can help me out. A few days ago, my board was only going til about 50%, then I needed to charge it again. I thought it was maybe just the cold, so I’ve charged it for over 2 days now. And I took it out today at 65 degrees, and it took me a whole 10 yards, literally, I went about my house length before the board started lifting up.

    So I charged it, because the app told me it was dead, and after 2 seconds, it said it was 100% charged, so I took it back out, and the same thing happened, it died after a few feet.

    I went back in to charge it, and it gave me the same 100% charge after a few seconds.

    One thing that may be beneficial to know is that when I first plugged in the charger, the board responded with 4 fast blue flashes, and then nothing for a couple of seconds, and it kept doing that til I hit the power button again. I’ve tried contacting FM, but who knows if I’ll get an answer, I was just hoping to get An answer from someone quickly who had had this issue or who knows what the problem is, and how it can be fixed,


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