Onewheel on the golf course.

  • Has anyone tried to use their Onewheel on a golf course? Would be a fun way to ride for hole to hole.

  • So basically "Yes" OW works well. You should ask permission from the Pro first and if he OK with it you will be good to go - at least for 9 holes. I found that my Pro didn't really understand what I was proposing and the starter's comments were simply - "I hope your life insurance is paid up - that thing looks sketchy". But then when I rode off, they were quite impressed. OW-ing golf requires you to be comfortable with off-roading to a decent level because you also have a golf bag strapped to your back and that can change your CG a little bit. I have watched my battery level after the turn (9 and 10th hole) and was at 35 - 40% so I figured it wouldn't last the whole 18 holes. My solution was to change out to a second OW in the parking lot OR to find a couple charging locations at the bathrooms around holes 8 and 12. 2 - 10 minute charges work. Of course if you have the new XR, that battery should last the whole round. This summer, I will try out my new Carvepower rig to charge a couple times during the round. I will be nice that I won't have to find a power socket now that I have the rig.

    For courses where mid-round comes by the parking lot, I will continue to swap out a fresh OW. For the courses where the turn is not near my car, I will use the Carvepower.

    The only other comment is that on wet grass be careful that the Vega slick doesn't lose its grip. Using a treaded tire may be better in these circumstances (or stay on the cart path when the fairways are wet).

    Last but not least - I am assuming you are golfing with the OW. If you just wanted to try to OW on the golf course with out golfing - that may be difficult and the course operator may not let you on since there are other golfers playing. In the off-season, no one is on the course. Last weekend was a warm day so I bombed through all 18 holes on the cart path. It was super fun and no problems with range because I didn't stop/start or go on the grass like I do in the summer time.

  • They're amazeballs!

  • @gadgetrider I just rode my first course last weekend. Smaller place but yeah lots of hills and turns and the view was nice. But also a ton of goose shit! Keep that fender on!

  • For anyone interested, there's a new Onewheel Golfers group on fb:

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