D.I.Y Flight fins or bindings?

  • I built a jump out of wood and went off it relatively slow. I landed with my toe at the heel edge of the board and almost died. Luckily I was able to stabilize myself and not fall but I am certainly not going off that again at any fun pace. Are there any tips to make jumps and go off edges and stay connected to the board? I am really anxious to get some Flight fins but for now I don't even have a fender. Flight fins are really far into the future and I Don't want to be constantly broke. I like to have backup money. are there any bindings I can make?

  • @ansen-french

    Chris Richardson makes very detailed and technical videos for just about everything:

  • My feet stay still locked under the flight fins when I hop. Its kinda easy that bit. Its the weight of OW that's the issue lol. I have got kerb hops down I think. You need to keep the sensors pressed down as much as possible. You also need to be able to release your feet too. You risk trauma to your ankles and feet if you can't get your feet out. Bindings while attractive are a recipe for disaster I think as for others. The flight fins don't hold me in when I don't want to be held, a big plus over bindings

  • @redboyjan I am not going to be zip tying myself to the board. I just want to know if there is a homemade flight fin or something to keep me attached mid air.

  • There are home made flight fins. They put them in to production. They are called flight fins. Seriously though take care with any bindings on a powered vehicle! My mate works in crash trauma. When he saw my OW for the first time he instantly said don't put bindings on that! I had already figured that out myself. Each to their own. I'd save up for FF myself. Oh I did

  • @redboyjan ok again there will not be straps. I literally just want like a cheap homemade copy to keep me from dying. No straps completely covering my feet and attaching them to the onewheel. Something similar to the flight fins but diy.

  • and not overcomplicated.

  • @ansen-french You are going to have a real tough time producing your own DIY version of Flight Fins. The material they are made from is strong/rigid enough to lift the board with your feet and firmly attach to the fender, and yet soft enough to be easy on your feet. It is also complexly-shaped specifically to fit a shoe.

    Anything you can easily shape like that at home is probably either going to be too hard (and therefore dangerous to your feet) or too soft (and won't attach to the fender securely). Not to mention the shaping itself is going to be hard as hell, unless you are a pretty talented maker with the right tools.

    Sorry man, if you really want Flight Fins, you probably need to bite the bullet and get Flight Fins. I don't see an easy DIY solution here.

  • @glyph ok thanks.

  • @ansen-french Don't take my word as the final authority, that's just what I think having held Flight Fins in my hand. One of the things I've enjoyed about these forums is watching people come up with various ingenious DIY solutions, some of which get turned into actual products to purchase. So maybe someone else can think of something I can't, but the materials and shape of Flight Fins just strike me as pretty hard for most people to approximate using common materials and tools and craft skills (just matching the arc/curve of the fender for the backside of the Fin to attach to would probably be pretty hard for most of us).

  • check out yoga blocks they have the soft yet firmness you are looking for. i asked the same ? on facebook and meet a guy that is carving them out of yoga block. just go to ebay and type in yoga block. hope this helps good luck.

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