Strengthening feet

  • After 3 months of riding about 9 miles a day, I'd have expected my feet to get a bit stronger. I get fatigued after about 30 minutes of riding. Do you guys stretch, or... I dunno do exercises for your feet?

  • relax, let the board do the work

  • Get some skate shoes too if you haven't already

  • heheh. You expected it to happen in 3 months? :-)

    I'm a year in now, and my feet STILL aren't what I'd like them to be. Some days are better than others, but if it's a bad day and I'm riding on rough terrain, it might only take a mile or two before my feet start to feel like crap.

    Carving helps. Riding straight at a medium speed seems to be the worst for my feet. Carving keeps them active, and stretching, so they won't cramp up. Also, make sure you have all the proper nutrients in your diet, or take supplements, it does help.

  • So it turns out that while trying to get the odometer to show the correct mileage I changed to elevated mode while uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I was taking a breather after 3 miles or so, looked at the app to see my top speed, and we're on ELEVATED! No wonder my feet were tired. I'd been fighting push back and feeling like I was going slower than usual, I just feel lucky I didn't nosedive trying to push harder.

  • @ow-miami Carving definitely helps keep my feet from tiring. When I commute I've been doing straight line speed to stay in the car traffic, and its exhausting. Carving keeps the footsies from getting tired.

  • I did drills in the nearby parking lot almost every night for the first 2 months I had the board. Zig-zagged a big ol serpentine between rows of parking lines, at low-medium speed, over and over. This had a profound impact on my feet and leg muscles. You actually need more strength at low speed, for balance, and the constant switching between hard heel and toe turns helps stretch out while strengthening the same muscles you need to ride in every day situations.

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