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  • experienced rider here. go ahead and get padded g-form undies. i have hillbilly padded under wear also, but they make you look like you have poopy pants or a colostomy bag. i just can't make myself put them on unless its doing really stupid stuff. love my hillbilly wrist guards. g-form knees, and some other kind of elbow pads i like. i like the get hard on impact pads. not quite the pad protection, but mine don't slide off when i eat it. this is huge huge huge.

    if you have ever been an adrenaline junkie, you're gonna eat it. i ate it at 22.9mph on downhill pavement last sunday. i was low, i was padded up and in a helmet, couple steps, roll and slide. not too much problem. another hip bruise and knee bruise. i also had a small alcohol buzz. i def recommend a shot of liquor before riding. that's me. i'm 51. start doing suspension training or something similar. its cheap, it'll help your flexibility, and strengthen the muscles you'll really need when riding. it'll help your knees. this thing is so exciting. have a blast. don't be afraid of your board. get to know it.

  • @mason I just got my XR on Friday! Haven't been on it yet. Waiting for my protective gear! At 65 I have no plans on slowing down! Ride Safe!
    My new adventure is paramotoring!

    Surf's Up Somewheres!

  • @krobmonty dude sorry about your knee! Heal quick and get back on it! I just got my XR in Friday! I haven't gotten on it yet ... Waiting for my protective gear to come in.

  • @Onewheel-Miami I got some. Hope they work well!

  • @surferdude hey bra, when you do get on it can you please record it? And upload it 2 youtube? I want to show my grandpa that you could still do new things πŸ‘ my grandma recently passed ,And I want to see him get out of the house, and you getting on that Onewheel at his same age mite do the trick 😊 thanks man🀝

  • Hi. I have tried to put together a small survey for people that have experienced nosedives to better understand the conditions that are leading to them. It might help new riders (like me) to assess the risks riding this thing and to work out what are the common factors for people that have had this happen to them. Please take the survey if you have had a nosedive experience (if you havn't already done so - I also posted on F-book) . You can fill in the form multiple times for multiple nosedives.

    survey link:

    The survey results are also public, anyone is welcome to have a look here:

  • @flix123 - this is interesting data to have, but you may want to include some caveats to people in re: interpreting the data.

    For example, people may see a lot more nosedives in Mission than Delirium on that pie chart and therefore conclude that Mission is more prone to nosedive (and, there may be technical reasons why that could possibly be true) - but it also could be because Mission has been AROUND a lot longer than Delirium and so has racked up more nosedives, or that more people ride Mission than ride Delirium in general.

    Likewise, the weight chart may tell you less about how much weight a rider can carry before increased risk of nosedive, and more about the average weight of the OW rider in general - if most OW riders are between 150-200 lbs., then it stands to reason that's ALSO where the nosedives will cluster - but that's correlation not causation.

  • @Glyph Absolutely, the interpretation is totally up to the viewer. With statistics the conclusions are never straight forward and need some thinking about, feel free to list all your caveats, no offence taken :).

    Questions like the rider weight or the riding mode are there to find out if perhaps a less likely answer has the most hits, for example, wouldn't it be interesting if ONLY very heavy riders have ND, or ONLY Delirium mode or so.

    But even then the data can give some interesting clues and I already found some surprises that I did not expect, for example:

    • Majority of N-Dives are at 0-15 mph. This is a surprise, as I thought its mainly the high speeders that have this.
    • Most people don't feel pushback.
    • Most N-Dives are with an XR (could it be the XR is now the most sold board..and simply more abundant? I don't know but would not have thought so as its more expensive, AND i thought less prone to ND because of more power to the motor)
    • Most people hurt themselves. I would have thought that its possible to outrun it quite often, esp at lower speeds

  • @flix123 I filled out the survey, and I'm (mostly) in that cluster (mine was on a +) - I was not going particularly fast yet, I felt no pushback (which I have felt before, and since, but at high speed), and I fractured my humeral ball and that shoulder is still not 100% healed, 1 year later.

    I wear protection on my leading shoulder now, I am much more cautious with my acceleration, and I put Fangs on my board because the thing that shocks me, even now, is how FAST I went down to pavement. I mean I never saw it coming at all, it seemed instantaneous. I had roughly 250 miles' experience at the time and thought I kinda knew what I was doing somewhat. My best guess is I overaccelerated and/or overweighted that front foot, but I really don't know, and I did not validate whether the board was still on afterwards because I was in too much pain and trying to get my stuff out of the dark road and figure out how I was going to get home and to ER.

    I would def. recommend Fangs or something similar for pavement riders, as I do believe based on what happened and anecdotal reports (including my buddy who's ridden out 3 nosedives on his Fangs) that they might have either allowed me to recover and bring the nose back up, or at least bought me a half-second warning to prepare for the concrete impact, to try to run/roll it out instead of just landing full weight on my leading shoulder.

  • Great survey and very interesting. Would it be possible to add how many people ran out succesfully a nosedive and/or recovered from a nosedive? And how many people used fangs or similar which helped or helped not to recover?
    And also very important in my opinion is if people were going straight or doing s-turns when they nosedived?
    Thanks for your great work. Makes us hopefully a little more safe?

  • This isn't a great answer, but heres my rule of thumb.

    When I go less than 12mph or very very local, I just ride normally (not recommended but these are my rules)

    However, if its definitely more than that, new roads, unfamiliar, or possible cars, I ALWAYS WEAR a helmet, at LEAST one side with knee pads, elbow and one or both wrist pads.

    Also this sounds really dumb but as non-athletic as I am, I did do martial arts lesson as a kid (ages go) and I'm trying to teach myself to roll INTO a fall rather than just fall and catch myself with my hands (rolling sucks but pretty much erases any chance of any major injuries if you're wearing anything thicker than a tshirt.

    I have wiped out twice when I was a noob first time was not knowing proper dismount, then falling after a (wobble), and recently when I got a used onewheel that has a flat tire (more wobble)

  • I've just broken a bone in my left foot (I ride regular). So I rode fully geared up (knee, hips, tailbone, elbows, shoulders, gloves, wristguards and helmet) and was riding up a curb. Was doing the same curb a couple of times to get the feel of it. It went over it 3-4 times without much drama but the shock was quite violent, so I tried jumping at the same time the tire touched the curb to make everything go a bit smoother.

    Wasn't going very fast, 8-10mph I think. What happened was when I did that little jump it seemed that the lack of pushing weight forward on the board got the tire stuck on the curb edge, so the board got stuck, I continued moving forward, my weight off the board but feet still in contact. The grip tape held on my foot making it turn on its side. When coming down my weight pushed on my tilted foot, and I presume in 99% of cases you would sprain your ankle, but I managed to get it right to that angle where the weight was pushed on the bone on the outside of my foot (metatarsal nr 5). I did a nice roll over all my protection and I thought "not too bad, I rolled it out, no damage here", but my foot hurt. Didn't give it much thought and kept on riding for another 45 minutes.

    When getting home I saw it was quite swollen and the next morning it hurt really bad when I got out of bed and put my weight on it, so off to the hospital, and yup, a broken bone :/

    I have no idea if you can even gear up to protect yourself from this kind of injury. It sucks though. Riding season is over, and when I'll be back on the road the bad weather will be upon us where I live.

  • @flix123 This survey is a great idea. Could you update it for the Pint? I had a serious nosedive last week (my fault, but it's still annoying), but as it was on a Pint I don't want to do the survey until it can cater for it. Thanks.

  • @J0nKn1ght I don't understand why this would need to be updated for a specific board. It's for Onewheel owners reporting injuries, not just V1, XR or Plus owners. Go ahead and post!

  • @ZeroVoice said in OW Owners: Injury Survey:

    @J0nKn1ght I don't understand why this would need to be updated for a specific board. It's for Onewheel owners reporting injuries, not just V1, XR or Plus owners. Go ahead and post!

    Well, there are 2 questions in there that will not align, No. 01 - which model? and No. 05 - which ride mode? I agree these answers could just be fudged, but if you really want the most accurate results I'd suggest adding the Pint options as answers.

    FYR Pint's 4 ride modes are: Redwood, Pacific, Elevate & Skyline. Redwood's settings max it out at a TS of 12 MPH so it will start to pushback much sooner than everything else.

  • Oh man, really? Wow , how depressing. Couldn't read very many of these posts. I'm thinking a bubble wrap suit or maybe some hobby involving foam floors and walls may be needed. I wouldn't recommend water sports because no one would live to tell there stories. Now I know why there are suddenly so many boards for sale everywhere...LOL FYI , My son and all his buddies never get hurt playing their video games...Hint, Hint
    Ya'll take it easy and have fun....Have a Pint or two or three or whatever....

  • yeah. screw going outside into the real world, let's go kill zombies instead of riding at sun set

  • Hell ya bud... how about one of those Virtual reality 3d rigs ! I think my mind maybe a little too dangerous for a super accessible hobby with no limits . 10 minutes thinking about all the possibilities ( my head may tend to go straight to the gutter)I I'd probably have a heart attack . I'm probably better off busting my butt now and then to bring me back to reality sometimes. Doesn't hurt to dream though, eh?

  • @Enterusername I was going to get an occulus and worthy computer but opted for the XR instead, now I've added the pint so virtual reality would've been cheaper lol

  • @a_onekatie My Bad, I didn't see that there was an actual link to a survey in this post. I just though people were posting about their injuries. It all makes sense now lol.

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