OW Owners: Injury Survey

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    @J0nKn1ght I don't understand why this would need to be updated for a specific board. It's for Onewheel owners reporting injuries, not just V1, XR or Plus owners. Go ahead and post!

    Well, there are 2 questions in there that will not align, No. 01 - which model? and No. 05 - which ride mode? I agree these answers could just be fudged, but if you really want the most accurate results I'd suggest adding the Pint options as answers.

    FYR Pint's 4 ride modes are: Redwood, Pacific, Elevate & Skyline. Redwood's settings max it out at a TS of 12 MPH so it will start to pushback much sooner than everything else.

  • Oh man, really? Wow , how depressing. Couldn't read very many of these posts. I'm thinking a bubble wrap suit or maybe some hobby involving foam floors and walls may be needed. I wouldn't recommend water sports because no one would live to tell there stories. Now I know why there are suddenly so many boards for sale everywhere...LOL FYI , My son and all his buddies never get hurt playing their video games...Hint, Hint
    Ya'll take it easy and have fun....Have a Pint or two or three or whatever....

  • yeah. screw going outside into the real world, let's go kill zombies instead of riding at sun set

  • Hell ya bud... how about one of those Virtual reality 3d rigs ! I think my mind maybe a little too dangerous for a super accessible hobby with no limits . 10 minutes thinking about all the possibilities ( my head may tend to go straight to the gutter)I I'd probably have a heart attack . I'm probably better off busting my butt now and then to bring me back to reality sometimes. Doesn't hurt to dream though, eh?

  • @Enterusername I was going to get an occulus and worthy computer but opted for the XR instead, now I've added the pint so virtual reality would've been cheaper lol

  • @a_onekatie My Bad, I didn't see that there was an actual link to a survey in this post. I just though people were posting about their injuries. It all makes sense now lol.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 60 years old, snowboarded off and on for 25 years... I play golf riding a phatscooter and just purchased OW to ride on the course too. XR+ arrived Friday. By Sunday, I was feeling really comfortable and confident after nearly 40 miles on pavement... starting to carve, going faster... Then last night I nosedived accelerating up a steep incline. I was wearing a helmet and wrist guards. Wishing I had knee and hip pads... I guess I was fortunate to walk away with a little pain and scraped up. I was very surprised by how fast that board launches you to the ground. Anyway, I got up this morning and rode it to the course and played 18 holes. I took it easy, nothing fast, rode our bumpy paved cartpaths and bumpy fairways. And no falls. I bought this for golf, but I was surprised how much fun I was having on the roads. But I'm just too old to hit the pavement! Hoping little more padding and a little more caution keeps me upright! fwiw, I didn't have any nosedives in Mission mode... I had recently switched to Delirium when I bit it.

  • @rboult Just turned 61, was 59 when I got my first +, then got an XR last fall. I had a couple of nasty nosedives when starting, then decided to slow down a bit. I ride exclusively in Delirium, but since I was thrown off at 21 mph 600 miles into my OW career, I've kept my speed at or below 15 mph, added fangs to both boards, and haven't had an issue since. I'm approaching 3000 miles combined on my + and XR.

    Enjoy the float!

  • Thanks @OneDan (old man)... I'm definitely going to keep my speed down now, and be extra careful on steep inclines! I'm feeling a little frustrated and gunshy because I was really feeling confident on it already. Anyway, in addition to more padding, I'll check out the fangs too. You've logged some serious miles already!!

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