Who (other than FM) can repair/replace the battery?

  • I sent my onewheel in to future motion because it stopped working, literally all together, stopped working.

    They want:

    Battery Repairs - $277.93
    Third Party Removal - $20.52
    Out of Warranty Repairs - $52.76
    Roundtrip Shipping - $80.00

    $430???? For some battery work on a onewheel that’s 2 years old? Seems a ltttle (or a lot) high. They said multiple components within my battery are in need of replacement.

    Can anyone help me out? Antoine know who can do this job for, say, half the cost? Even so, I feel like it’s a rip job.

  • I would love if a third party (or even FM themselves) can allow us to buy the battery and that we can replace it ourselves saving labor and shipping. I sense an opportunity here....

  • @oakleyboard that sucks!!. Maybe an electrical engineer??. Some ppl these days are using CNR not sure if the would work for you the meantime while you find someone who can repair.... on the other side if you send it in you'll have the warranty of a work well done and which will be guaranteed

  • Try Jeffrey Rosenzweig in the FB groups. Search battery maybe, he offers to fix batteries I've noticed

  • @oakleyboard For that kind of money, you could upgrade your plus to a two-X, unless you have the XR. You can join a facebook group where people sell parts including batteries. I have seen batteries for 150 dollars.

  • You could have someone build a new battery but you can only get the BMS through FM unfortunately.

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