Onewheel for Sale - CF Wrapped with Fender

  • I'm selling my second Onewheel to make room for another toy. I love, love, love my OW's, but I never have anyone to ride with me. Therefore my secondary OW just sits around 99% of the time.

    It's carbon fiber wrapped and has the fender. It's used but well cared for. I keep it inside all the time and use compressed air to clean it after each use. This is my secondary OW, so it has plenty of tire left. It has a special edition green paint job, but I decided to CF wrap it for protection and looks. It also has more aggressive Vicious grip tape. Comes in original box with ultra charger. I'm an original backer and have about as many miles on my first OW as anyone (except for Carlo), so PM me with any questions or concerns.

    $1900 shipped anywhere in the states. I will get it shipped ASAP after payment, so you can have it before Christmas if you hurry. PM me if interested.


    Photos of the green and then my CF wrap.


  • @lynnpreston damn do you have an old photo of the green ? Curious of how that looked back in the day.

    Also post a new photos of your wrapped one ;)

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