Separate Hobbies Improving and Multiplying Your Riding?

  • So just got back from a nice ride for the first time in quite a few months. It was the first time I have ever had a gap in my riding since I first got it in the mail (*V1). Had just finished a workout so I was a lil gassed (esp. because 1. it was mainly cardio 2.first time cardio in a looooong time. But i was playing some killer tunes so it was no worries. Well midway through my ride I bounce over a common obstacle but for some reason the wheel wobbles and my mind instantly races "I'm about to deck it".

    This is my first season riding a motorcycle. Before this year I had never driven one. I had rode pillion a couple times when I was a kid but that was about it. But those were among my favorite and most exhilarating memories from those days. Anyway, something you are always drilled in to your head with the training you receive is always look up as far as you can see. Always keep your eyes up. Keep looking forward. Look through your turn. Look where you are going. Don't look down.

    Well as the wheel is wobbling all around my ankles, my eyes are SCREAMING to peel away and look down at my feet. They think so bad that looking down will help the balance.

    I kept looking forward and rode it out.

    Has anyone else felt they have gained tremendously from another hobby in this one? If so what?

    Thanks for reading :)

  • Everything I have ever done in my life, has built me up, and prepared me for the day I got my OW. =)

    That and the 30 years of skateboard experience has come in very handy.

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