• Two weeks delay a week ago. Added another week as of today. Bummer

  • I saw people on 3 videos from Youtube on folks riding their XRs. One was doing 23mph and crashed! OUCH! I wish there is float plates that would fit the XRs.

  • @linkfeeney Just saw that video, lol. Speed wobbles get people on 4 wheels, that's why that dude crashed. I don't think there was a board failure of any kind.

  • @ventoriffic the tire was under-inflated from factory that was the reason for wobbles.

  • I thought there was an email about how XR is ahead of the schedule. Mine just got pushed back for the second time. Major bummer.

  • @chidesigner
    3 times for me, 15 days added overall. But like others have said, I hope it’s becsuse they’re hashing out a few problems that came about when the first boards went out into the wild. I want mine bad, but I’ll wait as long as it takes, if it means a perfectly assembled board!

    My estimated shipping date is: 04/24
    Where you at now???

  • @mrbrett131060 initially March 29th then April 3rd and now April 6th. This same thing happened when I was waiting for my OW+.

  • @chidesigner
    Do you remember how many extra days were added to your plus order?

  • @sfctac every rider weighs differently and pressure should be checked before riding. Regardless, I don’t see that as the issue as an under inflated tire would give a flatter, more forgiving surface. Higher PSI will cause him to do this even more at lower speeds. You can already see him beginning the speed wobbles at the start of the video then he gains stability. The nose of the board is up meaning he’s riding on pushback. Then it looks like he hits a bump that causes the foot board to tilt the axis so he looses stability and starts speed wobbling. Said wobbles are violent and caused his weight to shift over the wheel resulting in the nosedive. Same thing happens to skateboarders and they have 4 wheels. The same thing can happen to a OWer that isn’t ready for a bump at 10 mph. Dude shouldn’t be going 23 mph! Shit happens fast at that speed and your survival rate drops waaaay down. At that speed the board has no power to help keep you balanced, which it does by constantly accelerating to stay under your front foot. This isn’t a magic carpet, it has a single balance point. Physics will win every time.

  • @sfCTAC I slowed the video down in high def. There is a dip in the pavement in the shadow. You can see the line on the road is slightly off kilter. That’s what caused him to loose stability and start speed wobbling.

  • @mrbrett131060 That was like a year ago but if I recall correctly, it was over a month.

  • @mrbrett131060 My OW+ order went from shipping in 4 weeks to arriving in 12. Still worth the wait. No complaints.

    @linkfeeney @Ventoriffic @sfCTAC the OW+ and OW+XR have pushback come on around 14-15 mph. Once you push through that, a larger portion of balancing becomes the riders responsibility. These boards were not designed for sustained high speed use. A pebble in the road or being distracted for 1/10 of a second at 23 mph is going to result in a nose dive. You are the limits of the board... and really past them if you ask me.

    Not saying don't go past 14-15 mph, but do so knowing it comes with a risk and you are accepting this risk by pushing through pushback. Pushback is there as a warning; at least let it be an educated decision if you keep pushing past it.

  • @ventoriffic said in OW XR SHIPPED!:

    I don’t see that as the issue as an under inflated

    It certainly was. The wobbles were there at various speeds. It was my first day on XR. I inflated the tire the next day after that crash and the wobbles were gone.

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