• @sfCTAC I slowed the video down in high def. There is a dip in the pavement in the shadow. You can see the line on the road is slightly off kilter. That’s what caused him to loose stability and start speed wobbling.

  • @mrbrett131060 That was like a year ago but if I recall correctly, it was over a month.

  • @mrbrett131060 My OW+ order went from shipping in 4 weeks to arriving in 12. Still worth the wait. No complaints.

    @linkfeeney @Ventoriffic @sfCTAC the OW+ and OW+XR have pushback come on around 14-15 mph. Once you push through that, a larger portion of balancing becomes the riders responsibility. These boards were not designed for sustained high speed use. A pebble in the road or being distracted for 1/10 of a second at 23 mph is going to result in a nose dive. You are the limits of the board... and really past them if you ask me.

    Not saying don't go past 14-15 mph, but do so knowing it comes with a risk and you are accepting this risk by pushing through pushback. Pushback is there as a warning; at least let it be an educated decision if you keep pushing past it.

  • @ventoriffic said in OW XR SHIPPED!:

    I don’t see that as the issue as an under inflated

    It certainly was. The wobbles were there at various speeds. It was my first day on XR. I inflated the tire the next day after that crash and the wobbles were gone.

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