OneWheel+XR Rides Like a Dream

  • Okay kids. Just got back from my maiden voyage on the new +XR. First impressions are very impressive! I rode it to 3 corners of the main Seattle downtown area, putting 11 miles on it with 5% charge left over, and that's after going up A LOT of very steep gradient hills. From 5% it took about 70 minutes to fully recharge. Also, holding both my OW+ and OW+XR, there is really no telling which one is heavier, in my opinion. Having owned all 3 generations of OW, I can say hands down that this is by far the best ride I could have hoped for, thus far. It just kept going, and going, and going, and going...So great! I can't recommend it enough, ladies and jellyspoons! Go get thyself a +XR, stat!!! 1_1521511866906_IMG_4056.PNG 0_1521511866905_IMG_4053.jpg0_1521511985341_Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.08.16 PM.png

  • Awesome! Thanks for the review.
    Does your XR handle any differently from your Plus? Do you notice an increase in torque?
    If you were blindfolded, could you tell whether you were riding an XR or Plus?

  • @wheelcity I would definitely say I would be able to tell. However I can't say this is 100% due to actually having more power, or if a different tire, or several thousand miles on my plus has harmed its performance. BUT I think it is safe to say it definitely has more power that is much appreciated! I love the way it rides so far!

  • @wheelcity I would agree with goodblake-eskate. I have 2336 miles on my plus, and I think the new tire and fresh brushless motor feel like the plus did when I first got it, but there are moments when I feel my top speed on the XR is a little bit faster than the plus ever was.

  • @ballewboard

    Thank you for the great initial review on the XR. From all the recent XR posts it seems it is the best OW to date. Now my hopefully not too long XR deleviery awaits a first ride. The OW + ride seems very similar to V1 in most cases so really pumped to ride the XR.

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