Flying with Onewheel on AA.

  • I am going to La in a few days and I am very excited but will be even more excited if I know I can bring my OW+. I am using American airlines which do not allow Lithium Ion batteries. The battery is Lithium iron which is non toxic and non flammable or reactive. I do not know if American airlines will be mean and not care about the difference and not let me carry it on. I was just thinking on putting the OW on my lap as carryon as the flight is super short. only 2 hours. The customer support is trash and requires a bunch of info and the support line is no better. Has anyone had any experience with AA? I would really like to bring it.

  • @Ansen-French Hope you're going to Venice Beach - I'd LOVE to ride my Onewheel on that boardwalk.

    From what I've read on the forums, you have a 50/50 chance of getting your Onewheel on the plane, whether it's checked in or your carry-on, no matter which airline. It all depends on the mood of the TSA agent of airline employee you run into. Scary, right?

    I just sold my Onewheel+ yesterday, and paid $59 to ship it from NC to MO via FedEx. If I had to travel with my Onewheel, I'd just ship it both directions. It'll cost over $100, but hey, the OneWheel is a non-necessity luxury item to begin with, and most people who own one probably have some disposable income ;)

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