OW+ Controller Box Rattle - Ferrite Ring Fix

  • @gibby said in OW+ Controller Box Rattle - Ferrite Ring Fix:

    Cool, now I can open my brand new XR, and fix what should have been done properly the first time around.

    Insane they had this issue with the plus, and just kept it going right into the XR builds. Almost like they make money on warranty returns, or something insane like that.

    You've got to be kidding me?!?!
    It is clearly a warranty issue that FM knows about. The fixes under warranty are documented on this forum and FB groups. Face Palm that they didn't change the design to save themselves some money down the road with shipping and man power for the repairs.
    If I were you, with the known issues that the brand new XRs seem to be having, I wouldn't open up the controller box myself. I would send it in for warranty repair so that they don't ding you for one of the other issues.

  • @gibby Are you saying you have the ferrite knock already? Or are you just mentioning it as preventative maintenance? Has anyone opened their XR for science yet?

  • I had the ferrite bead rattle the second my new XR touched the kitchen floor.
    I won't be opening it, I will be sending it back to FM to solve what should have been done correctly the first time around.

    INSANE, that they didn't fix this on the XR, INSANE!

  • They basically say it's normal. I'm sending my plus in with a bad bearing. Told them I also wanted rattle fixed before i have led issues. Its annoying and it didnt do it when it was new.

  • @gibby Did they fix it for you?

  • Also intersted in if they fixed this for you?

    What I am also really interested in:
    Do those of you who lately received their XRs also notice this ferrit rattle (when moving over rough terrain) or was this „just“ an issue with the first few XRs?

  • They have opened a shipping ticket to send it back to them. I have not sent it yet, as I don't want to stop riding it. My front lights are out.... =(

  • Interesting... I had bought a used OW+ and it had the dreaded rattle.

    I reached out to OW because I had heard it might effect the board lights. I ride at night a ton.

    This was their response “My technician have assured me that the rattle itself will not affect the LED's at all.”

    And even though the board is less than a year old they said they would charge me 159.14 to fix it.

    Kinda bummed because I have always had a good experience with support, now I am wondering if they are telling me the truth...


  • Both of my ow+ boards have rattled on every single bump since day one. I’ve got over 1000 miles on both boards (almost 2000 on one) and there have been no problems associated with the rattle, the lights work fine.

  • It's not an issue until the bead severs the wires, then no lights. I have 3 boards, all with less than 300 miles on each of them, all 3 have had the lights go out.
    I think it really depends on the terrain you ride, and how hard on your board you are. I am admittedly hard on my boards.

  • @gibby yeah, admittedly, I baby my boards and pretty much only ride pavement and don't do any drops.

  • @cr4p: since nobody replied to my question, and in the meantime I do have an XR myself:

    300km on it and gladly no ferrit rattle (not even in hard offroad) - I might be lucky, but I want to believe that they finally managed to solve this issue after the kickstarter version, the original OW and the OW+ (had all of them).

    despite this was mainly a noise issue (which also only appeared in rough terrain and bumps) and did not cause any real problems, I am still happy that the XR is finally quiet in all conditions...

  • Hard terrain and I still don't have that problem on my +.

  • @khayman said in OW+ Controller Box Rattle - Ferrite Ring Fix:

    Hard terrain and I still don't have that problem on my +.

    You don't have a problem with your light, or you don't have a problem with the ferrite ring rattling?

    Just saw that someone in the FB group had the light go out on their brand new XR with less than 100 miles. That sucks.

  • @rjkerne yeah that really sucks!
    No I don't have any of those problems I'm happy to say?
    I would probably open it up myself and fix it due to long shipping from Sweden.

  • @khayman aaaand now I have it to...
    Had my brother over yesterday and we did go over a field of grass many times and suddenly it came.

  • @rjkerne do I need to use loctite or anything else for the screws when I seal it up again?

  • @khayman I personally wouldn't use locktite on any of the screws. The screws are such a small diameter, I would be worried about stripping the driver or breaking the screw.

  • @rjkerne every screw I've removed so far has had a little thread locker on it from the factory?

  • @devon thanks, I think I'm going to put a small amount on anyway.

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