Onewheel XR stranded me at the park

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    I don’t think it’s complaining, but rather excitement & anticipation. Like you, I don’t really care how far my date gets pushed back, if it means it’ll ride like a dream. I do however feel bad for the ppl who ordered the first batch, which have had issues. Future Motion will get those ppl/boards sorted out, but it’s still a bit of a headache having to send it right back after the wait/$$$ it took to get in the first place.

    I don't think that "FM" does extensive testing in their QA before shipping. Surely they make routine tests, then spits it out. Early last year we ordered 3 OWs (2 v1 OW & 1 OW+) . The first v1 lasted the longest but still had BMS issues. 2nd v1 OW had the rattle syndrom on the first week then died couple months later. The OW+ from the verry beginning had the runaway problem. All of them have been fixed later, but the down time we experienced made me question on the integrity of all future boards.

    If ever I get stranded by my new XR within warranty period , I will have to say that the OW is what it is "unreliable" . 4 of 4 problem boards will make my case.

  • @danner mine did this when it got gunk in the power socket. Compressed air and a cotton bud sorted it in no time, as was suggested here or on FB. Dirty water carries gunk. It's why I have a clear plastic power button covers on my boards now as do others. I also waterproofed the casings, these things aren't waterproof. Maybe check the power socket for summat stuck in there. Just saying in case it saves you a return.. Apologies if not

  • @redboyjan
    Where can u get those charger covers?


  • No gunk in the power socket that I could see before it went back to FM. Good thing is they already fixed whatever problem it had and my board is due back to me via FedEx 3/23. Blazing fast turn around, can't wait to do some more riding.

  • @danner Bummer about the issue but glad to here FM did their best to quickly address!

    Happy shredding or floating, which ever it is you do.

  • I have to say this is the fastest I have ever had anything repaired and returned to me. Board seems to be working as it should now.

  • @jonnyk
    Nice pun! Get it! Pushback....

  • @fruitygreen I have to agree about QA testing, my experience is 5 out 16 OW+ "died" within minutes of being switched on and only solution is to send back to factory. Seems crazy when FM has to pay a lot to ship them back to the factory and then back overseas when fixed. If they just invested in some QA testing it would save them a fortune and make their customers much happier.

  • @mrbrett131060 use the search in the onewheel owners group on Facebook. Much discussion on this. Links to buy them in different countries

  • @danner I'll bet 5 burritos that you were on the old firmware and didn't update it before you rode. The first few boards that shipped out had an error in the firmware that would overload the controller module if you stresses the motor too much. They'll give you a new controller module, update the firmware, and your board will arrive back as good as new.

  • @jeffmccosker Well you just lost 5 burritos because I was one of the first to receive mine and there was no firmware update at that time. The good thing is that the OneWheel team took care of it right away and they also took care of a Bluetooth issue I had. Everything has been smooth sailing since then and no complaints.

  • @danner you owe 5 burritos. The bet was that you were on the old firmware...NOT that you failed to update. Since you stated you were one of the first to receive and their WAS NO firmware confirmed his suspicion. Enjoy your date, you two! 😂

  • You guys, I'm so pumped for this burrito date!

  • @capodeltoro Actually, you forgot one of the most important words in that first sentence, AND. I'll let it slide though, I'm having so much fun on my Onewheel I'd probably buy you both a burrito just for the hell of it. I have a wife and kids though so we need to keep this whole thing platonic.

  • @danner I’m confused...were you on the old firmware or not?

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