OW+ being pulled by a truck/car...

  • I've always been curious to know what would happen if you hung on to the back of a pick up truck or a car as it went faster than 20mph. Would the OW+ simply shut off and get pulled by the truck? Severe push back? What would happen when you let go of the truck traveling faster than the limit on the OW+? Immediate nosedive? Curious to see if anyone has actually done this.

  • you haven't heard of anyone trying because it is a terrible idea. pushback will happen, that alone could throw you into the car if you're too close (the board has to scoot for a sec to get the leading edge to come up)...

    and then GOD KNOWs WHAT as you exceed what it can reasonably keep up with.

    on the flipside if the car is going under 15mph you can lean back and it would be a nice way to charge the battery! My dog does this a little bit on our walks especially downhill, I get bonus recharge from his crazy legs.

  • I envision the board nosediving and the rider holding onto the back of the pickup for 2 seconds and then falling to likely some of the worst road rash they've experienced.

    Pad up and let us know how it goes! ;)

  • Definitely try it and take video from all angles!!

  • Nosedive comes -i.a.- from the OW not having enough juice to balance the board. If you don't ask power from the battery because you are being pulled by the car you are not asking for too much power and I wouldn't expect a nosedive. In fact, you might lean back and just regenerate the battery (not sure the regenerating can cope with really high speeds = many Amps etc.). If you keep the board level you'll just go fast, just like when going down a slope LOL.

  • Internet FAME AWAITS!!! Go for it!!!

  • @ooww I don't think many have experienced a true highspeed nosedive since the stock plus motor will cut out from over voltage. The OW does have a top speed, that motor can only go so fast and handle so many RPM. If the rider's board didn't cut out, you'd eventually see the board slowly nosedive as the rider kept accelerating with the truck but the board can't keep up (i.e. truck/rider doing 25mph and board stuck at 24mph, numbers for example).

  • I did just this today... I work for an automotive shop and was coming back from my lunch break. I typically ride through our roll up door and today there was a car on the way in. I grabbed onto the back and rode about 15 feet before I ate shit in the middle of the shop. Didn't get any push back, but I prob didn't get over 10mph. The board did not like being pulled though.

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