I got on hoosier! I'm a fan

  • @wheelcity I'd add to what you said - the soda-can "flat" profile of the Vega seems more suited not just to smooth pavement than off-road as a surface terrain, but also as a riding environment; that is, if you envision yourself having to stop and stand on the board a lot while you let foot or auto traffic cross a street intersection before you can cross, you might want the tire that requires a little less effort from the rider to keep it all upright while standing still.

    If you're primarily offroading and the only things you ever stop for are streams and bears, maybe go with the Hoosier.

  • @glyph This is a great point, tire reviews aren't much good unless the reviewer is riding in the same type of environment you see yourself riding in. This is particularly a problem for OW peeps because you can ride absolutely -anywhere-

  • @makermarc - I'll be shallow and say that from a purely aesthetic standpoint, I think the Hoosier LOOKS better, and possibly when my Vega wears out I might go that direction. But for now, especially since city streets are where I ride, the stock Vega mostly works pretty well for me.

  • @readysetawesome What tire did you go with? 5.5? Do you like the white paint or would you have preferred black?

  • @wheelcity try the 6.5 treaded Hoosier or 6.0 Slick Hoosier and you will change your mind. The 5.5 should never be the first tire you try after a Vega, IMO. That's going from one extreme to the other.

    The 5.5 treaded Hoosier is going to ride very different than the 6.5 treaded Hoosier which pretty much everyone rides that rides a Hoosier. The 5.5 is very shifty and squirrelly to ride, and probably not ideal for 99.9% of riders. So basing your opinion of Hoosiers in general on this one tire would be a big mistake. Hopefully your post doesn't convince anyone from trying the 6.5 Hoosier because you would be doing them a big disservice.

  • @MichaelW I went with the 5.5 and I love how it looks with the white letters. I bet they wold scrub off easy with some alcohol though.

    @goodblake-eskate Everything I read said the 6.5 hoosier would rub at anything over 15 psi, so I was discouraged from trying it. I'll probably get the 6.0 slick to try though, given what everyone is saying about it.

  • @readysetawesome Yeah it will rub at first if you don't grind away some of the tire or back foot pad area. I opted for grinding the tire. Just get the tire going by holding it with your hands and rub it on the asphalt a few times. Or just ride on a slower PSI for a bit. However if the 5.5 works for you then go for it. I have a 6.0 slick I'm going to put on my XR next and hope its a happy medium between the two and doesn't require grinding. Thinking about keeping the 5.5 on my plus but I don't think I would want it all the time.

  • @goodblake-eskate Do you know we are working with Hoosier to sell the 6.0 treaded? Its nearly ready.

  • @michaelw Oh really?? I did not know that! That's awesome!!

    Who is we?

  • That's cool I'd totally buy a 6.0 treaded hoosier.

  • tested different pressures riding around on the hoosier 5.5 in my carpeted basement and hovering while working at my standing desk today, I feel 1 psi per 10 lbs of body weight offers the best stability for me, just like it was with the vega. at about 17 PSI it is more similar to the vega.

  • @goodblake-eskate Myself and 3 tire people. Including one from Hoosier. We will be making an announcement very soon.

  • @readysetawesome just installed my 5.5. Love it! I was intimidated by it from the negative reviews, but it's amazing. I really think that it should never be the tire to go to right after a Vega. I am coming from a Hoosier 6.5. it's almost as big a leap from the Vega to the Hoosier 6.5.

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