Onewheel XR Bluetooth Issues

  • Gotta say the guys at Onewheel have been great to work with and I had an initial problem with my board which was resolved with lightning speed. I have a ticket in for Bluetooth not connecting after I got it back but, I was hoping in the meantime someone on here might have some sort of tips on a way to reset the boards connection? I have a Pixel 2 with 8.1 on it and it won't form a connection. I've tried an app called Lightblue and it sees an unnamed device which is the Onewheel since there are no other devices nearby but, won't connect to it. I've also tried an iPhone 6 with the app and it doesn't see the board either. Is my Bluetooth toast or is this something that can be fixed with some kind of reset? I've tried uninstalling the app and restarting the phone but, nothing has worked so far. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • @danner this may or may not help, but with the onewheel app open try toggling your Bluetooth connection on and off a few times.

  • I was mistaken when I thought that the Onewheel was the Bluetooth device I was seeing in the scanner. I don't know what the Bluetooth device is in my house showing up as unnamed but, I took it out to the woods when I got home and did a scan and found nothing so it looks like Bluetooth is toast. I'll wait to hear back from FM.

  • Try swiping down on the boards screen. Or clearing app data

  • From what I experienced, the board's BLE interface stops being visible for other devices when one device is connected to it. Maybe try to scan for devices just after you switched your board on.

    Sometimes, I experienced that the BLE interface of my OW+ disconnects and disappears during riding the board. I link this to situations where the board is under "stress". This is either, when I go rather fast (>25km/h) or sometimes when I go uphill. This behaviour is hard to replicate.

  • My XR isn’t here yet, but when I get it and sink it up with the app, which uses Bluetooth, will I be able to listen to my Apple AirPods (which also use Bluetooth) while riding?

  • @mrbrett131060 I use a galaxy S6 with wireless Bluetooth earbuds and am able to connect to both the board and my earbuds at the same time.

  • @danner If you have another phone or device try connecting (to the app) with that to confirm the issue is with your board.

  • @boogieman
    Thanks boogieman, got scared there for a minute lol.

  • @mrbrett131060 You're welcome, having earbuds just to hear app notifications on speed/battery is worth it. Music is a plus.

  • @boogieman So far I've tried an iPhone 6 but, I'm going to try my son's LG V3 shortly. No luck with my Pixel 2 or the iPhone though.

  • Tried my son's LG V3 just now and it didn't connect either so that is 3 different phones that won't connect with the app. I'm beginning to think it must be the board at this point.

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  • @znzn said in Onewheel XR Bluetooth Issues:

    @danner My suggestions are not a sequential process, and one of them is complete foolishness ;D

    1.try to pair your phone and the board while they are both plugged into power.
    2. Uninstall the FM app, and reinstall.
    3."Forget" / "Remove" all bluetooth devices on your phone, and then start the process from scratch.
    4.Throw some salt on your board, take a shot of rum, and kill a rooster.

    I think trying three different types of phones is really good troubleshooting. If those same phones sync other BTE devices like headphones , then I'd bet $5 it's the board.

    I've tried all of the above with the exception of killing a rooster and no luck. All of the phones can connect to bluetooth headphones I have, so I'm just waiting to see what FMs response is as I sent them a video of all three phones trying to connect but, none of them getting a connection or even seeing the board.

  • @danner Have you tried contacting FM? The XR's Seem to be breaking from just being watched... Early batch and high pressure on the Manufuckturing team makes for sloppy mistakes.

    Call them up/ email them im sure they will help you out.

  • @drn3rd Yeah, they are taking care of me. I just posted on here in case there might be some kind of secret sauce someone knew about.

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