One cell very low, the other 15 fine?

  • Got my new XR yesterday, super fun!

    I looked at the specs on the board when I got it, all 16 battery cells showed an even charge.

    I've done two rides, and after each, one cell only shows 0.04V on the app, while the others were somewhere below max, but roughly even. After a full charge, the one cell is still 0.04, while the other 15 were full. Board shows 99% charge.

    Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I leave it plugged in for a day to see if it resolves itself? I have not noticed any performance issues with the board, but I am a brand new rider.


  • @granite

    Normal as stated by FM.
    It's a 15s pack.

  • Yeah, seems to be a bug in the app. I have seen all cells report normal voltage at one time and one cell at 0.04V most other times. FM says it's normal, other folks with XRs report the same.

  • Great! Thanks for the info.

  • The app has been updated today. Unfortunately instead of showing 15 cells for the XR and 16 cells for the Plus they decided to remove cell information entirely.
    I sincerely hope this is a temporary work around to deal with flood of support calls and that they will do the right thing and bring this information back.0_1522175103127_IMG_1310.PNG

  • @sfctac yeah apparently they removed this very useful tool because they were receiving lots of complain about one cell being zero.
    For what I have read the new XR comes with 15cells instead of 16 therefore one of them was 0 since the app was the same as the plus and the V1.
    Now we have lots of people quite upset because of this measure taken.
    If you are using an Android there is a way to downgrade the app to the version where you can check your cell voltages.
    Somebody just discovered a ay to do it on IOS as well but I don't have the info about it myself.

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