Apple Watch Questions

  • Anyone rockin’ The Plus or XR with the app on their Apple Watch? Curious to see how or if it connects and functions well. My XR is not here yet, but I have the brand new Apple Watch with cellular, which basically makes it it’s own device. Hoping I can just look at my wrist for onewheel info, while I’m out riding.

  • @mrbrett131060
    Right now the Cell Apple Watch still needs the iPhone OW app to connect and pass data to the watch. Not a stand alone version of the OW app for Apple Watch with LTE yet.

  • ..... I just place my iPhone in my backpack and use the Apple Watch to monitor the OW. Works Great!!!

  • @mrbrett131060

    The OW is the reason I bought a watch... haha. It works great. Need your phone though. Android has some watches that can run the app by themselves, Apple does not.

    My iPhone will be connected to the watch, board and BT speaker all day without any issues.

  • Thanks everyone!
    Great Info! :))

  • I bought a used Apple Watch v1 just for the OneWheel. IT SUCKS! everytime i lift the watch to check my OneWheel info it shows old info, then 5 seconds later updates itself. I'm on a moving OnWheel, dodging ruts and rocks. I don't have 5 seconds to stare at my watch and wait for it to update. Now, try wearing the watch and wrist guards at the same time.

  • @enigmizzle
    Absolutely agree, the gen 1 Apple Watch is slow compared to the current generation watch. The app still has some lag with the current Apple Watch series 3 but it is almost real time in my opinion. The wrist guard issue depends on two factors in my use: The length up the forearm the guard travels and a very adjustable band. I use the Nike band that has tons of holes for best fit and the K2 gaurds work well together.

  • @lidphones @Enigmizzle

    I will admit I bought a $199 magnetic "infinitely adjustable" Apple watch band. It's black stainless... and allows me to move the way up my arm and out of the way.

    I actually keep my watch in theater mode all the time, so I have to touch the screen for it turn on, just a personal preference but makes it easier to not accidentally touch the screen.

    You can also invert the screen and put the dial/button away from your wrist instead. This is just one more step to reduce hitting things by accident.

  • For people that are not insisting to use an Apple Watch with their iPhone, there is the option to also use Android Wear 2.0 Watches with iOS.. Then again, you would be able to only use a suitable watch, when riding the OneWheel. No need to also bring your mobile, no risk of damaging it.

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