**Sleeker chassis design. Rounded Nose/Tail. Graphics. brighter light/speaker?**

  • I'll be the first to say that the engineering and design are truly genius.

    That being said I'm sure I'm not alone when I report how many people have asked me if I personally built the Onewheel. While I'm always somewhat flattered by the question, I can't help but also consider how
    the frumpy aesthetics of the board also play into that question. My kids also ride the Segway Mini Pro... for what it's worth nobody has EVER asked if it was homemade. Maybe people are more familiar with Segway and question it's origin less? I do think the hardware look and feel come into play in this regard.

    If I had any influence over the ID of the future OneWheel V-next it would be for the following features:

    Sleeker frame design,
    I get that it needs to support a lot of weight, so do cars but they manage to create sleek/sporty designs that feel light and fast.

    Round the Nose and Tail

    the box-like shape is one of the main reasons it looks homemade. Not to mention that every board sport on earth has rounded nose/ tale designs.

    Graphics package
    Again, much like every other board sports users get to choose a board with a graphics package that appeals to their personal style. Maybe add some type of cosmetic shell that can be printed on and replaced when it gets scratched up.

    Lighter weight design that supports tricks...
    If the board was lighter overall, a bit more powerful and maybe had some kind of lip that came out from the fender it would allow users to bind their feet (safely) to the front and back of the fender perhaps, hence giving them the opportunity to hop up curbs.

    Blue tooth speaker
    At first, I laughed at this idea.. it seems really gimmicky and cheesy. Not to mention an unnecessary drain on the battery.
    However, I believe it could play a big role in overall safety. The OneWheel is such a smooth silent ride I've found myself sneaking up on people all the time in the city. It's a safety issue when cars and other people can't hear you flying up behind them @ 19 miles per hour!

    I've recently discovered the difference it makes when people can hear you coming behind them as I've zip-tied a wireless Bluetooth speaker to my Onewheel and my sons Onewheel. We both ride all the time in Seattle and I really feel like its safer when we're playing some kind of sound. Since I've been playing music while we ride I have not snuck on on any street people smoking crack (true story, it's happened multiple times).

    It's important to let people know you're there and yes flashing lights or loud noises are annoying but so is getting hit by a car or running into Amazon employees glued to their phone on the street (also a true story).

    creating a lounder design is also very possible with graphics and color choices. Especially not that these newer Onewheels are going further distances, as we're all going to be riding them more, traveling further distances.

    I do realize that the sort of minds that come up with such a fantastic product is the same type of minds that have probably considered much or all of these same things...just in case I hope this is helpful feedback in one way or another. At very least it's one vote towards next-gen feature priority.

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  • The onewheel is a great ride precisely because it was designed by engineers with no interference from industrial designers. That means that, like a Humvee or tank, there's no unneeded weight and zero compromises on functionality in order to achieve a certain appearance. Personally, I love the look of it. There are "sleek" alternatives out there and they are all inferior (e.g. Trotter). I'm glad they spent 100% of their effort on making it the best performing, even if it isn't going to win any beauty contests.

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