Any Buffalo / WNY riders ?

  • hello everyone , I posted a while back hoping to find any riders in Buffalo NY or suburbs .... no luck then, reposting now.... I'm a 46 yo dude, skated my whole life , surfed/snowboarded a little , hoping some locals would share experiences/meet up to try a test ride? Thanks for reading!

  • I live in a suburb of Rochester (Henrietta), I've got a V1 & an XR that just arrived.

  • @doublebull - if I drove out to Rochester one spring/summer day , would you be up to meet/allow me a chance to try your board? I travel to Rochester every few weeks for work ( typical work day ) - maybe we could meet one night after? Thanks for replying! (also , do you ride with others in Rochester? Seems western NY is late to this phenomenon... )

  • (I'm in Lancaster , suburb of Buffalo )

  • I don't know anybody in Rochester with a OneWheel. I work 3pm-11:30pm. I'm in Oklahoma right now, but get back this weekend. Your welcome to try either the V1 or the XR if we can figure a time to meet.

  • @doublebull - That would be sick ! Thanks for posting/offering. Still snowing :( .... I am due to work out your way in May , maybe we can message closer to then and try to figure out a time that works for you and the weather. Thanks !!

  • @doublebull
    Damn! I’m in Rochester, NH lol. Enjoy the ride! Mine ships out this month! :)

  • I live 15 min east of rochester and drive to buffalo (amherst) 2 or three days a week for work.
    I have a v1, a plus and an xr...
    There is a small group of us in the rochester area that get together for rides when it warms up!
    I also ride trails in the area...

  • @ericn I had no idea there were any other OW Riders in Rochester, good to hear. Even though I've got a V1, and the XR that came about 2 weeks ago, I'm still a very novice rider. As far as my XR goes, I haven't even ridden it yet, I've been in Oklahoma for a week, then when I got home, came down with the Flu and an ear infection, taking away any balance I could have had.
    How has your XR been? I've still got to do some testing to make sure I don't have one of the XR's that turns into a brick if the tire spins/slips.

  • @mrbrett131060 I was out in your Rochester last year during Laconia bike week. On my way from Rochester, NY I rode my Triumph Rocket 3 through the Adirondack Mountains into Vermont and nearly ran out of gas as I approached Rochester, VT, then I knew I had to also visit Rochester, NH (I thought there used to be Flat track motorcycle racing there) but couldn't find the track when I got there, so had lunch and returned to Laconia to party.

  • @greengorilla I'm in south buffalo, my

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