UK Service and Support - Whats your experience been like?

  • Hello all,

    Are there any riders in the UK that are able to easy my hesitation about service and support before I put down my deposit for an XR?

    I know I am going to love the board, so my hesitation isn't based on the fact I have never laid hands on a OneWheel (strangely) its with the lack of support for servicing and repair in Europe, or am I wrong about this?

    Are most issues self-serviceable, or have you had to send your boards back to the US?


  • Unless I have a complete board failure my onewheels won't be going back, not cost effective. I'm not impressed with communications I have with FM. I don't feel I have a warranty. Beware the massive import tax bill you will need to pay. I buy used for this reason

  • @redboyjan Thank you, I am looking to buy from Europe, I know I will have to wait a bit longer, but at least I know what im paying will have the import tax covered in the total cost.

  • @nellymcb good plan. I don't buy anything American usually, glad I didn't buy a OW new, can't imagine the import tax on one. Outrageous bills for the accessories I bought taught me

  • There's 2 UK suppliers, find them on

  • I've just ordered a new XR. My original is knackered with what seems to be a common problem. Support was responsive but they wouldn't tell me where the fault was likely to be. Got offered free shipping but face unknown repair bill so I'm going to rip it open and see. I just hope the new one lasts longer.

  • What's the problem?

  • It makes the same noises as this one.

    Sometimes it'll stop and run normally for a while. Feels like the motor is operating at a lower resolution when it does it. Like every other coil isn't working or something.

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