FLYING FINS made in my garage for about $10 DOLLARS

  • I was going to pay $80 for the flying fins, so I could jump curbs and do some 180's...Then I saw the price jump to $120...So i went to my local Hardware store and purchased all the materials I needed to make a set, and for less than $11 dolllars. I did it....If I can figure out how to post pics...I will

  • Here is some pics0_1523047555782_P4060148.JPG 0_1523047567154_P4060147.JPG 0_1523047574106_P4060112.JPG

    If enough people are interested, I will make a video of how I did it and share it with everyone...

    Tools required.....Drill and Bits....Heat Gun....Glue Gun....wrenches..


  • @magicjay Yes I am calling my home made Flight Fins.....Flying Fins

  • @magicjay Awesome!!
    Sign me up for the beta-testing program.
    You should charge $50 for a set. (And don’t reveal your costs)
    Good luck!

  • @magicjay Are those kneepads?
    Creative or resourceful like that MacGyver guy.

    Maybe Mr. Jerry Rigged had the same thought.

    I like the efforts but please dont try to make money off of them. All you do then is hook some fool into it.

  • Props @magicjay !! I always appreciate a good DIY project.

  • @wheelcity
    I just wanted a way to jump over a curb or other obstacle in my path way, and not have to pay $120.00 to do it...You can make one yourself in about 2 hours....I don't mind making a video on showing everyone how to do it, if enough people are interested..

  • @fruitygreen
    You are soooo Funny.... Maybe I am kind of a MacGyver guy when it comes to the OneWheel...after all I turn my OneWheel into a GIANT SPIDER on Halloween...

    And...I turn my Self into the "GRINCH... and my OneWheel into a SLEIGH" at Christmas:

    AND "YES" THEY ARE KNEE PADS... I found some extra stiff Knee Pads (cost of knee pads $6.97) and reshaped them using my Heat Gun and a razor blade knife...Bolted them to my Fender...Cut two pieces of pvc pipe, reshaped them using my heat gun... to make wedges between the knee pads and the fender....I secured the wedges by screwing them into the knee pads....I drilled holes near the fender screws, and used plastic ties to help secure the screws and fender to the main shaft.
    I then used the Velcro straps that came with the knee pads to go over the top of the wedges...thus adding more pressure on the wedges and taking a lot more pressure off of the fender screws....

    I am not trying to make money.....just offering an alternative to people like me who want to use these FINS for jumping curbs and obstacles and not pay over $120.00.
    If enough people are interested, I will take out the time to make another set, and make a video, and share it with all...

    All I can far its working for me


  • @rronniep can do it yourself....Two tools that are definitely required are a Heat Gun and Razor Blade knife....
    One thing I have noticed about the fins is:
    It is quite a work out, especially beginning to practice with them....After all, when jumping, you are making your legs lift
    25 pounds, every time you "fly"....I have been riding the OneWheel for two years...and Jumping is a bit of work for this 64 year old Man

  • @magicjay
    I have only been using the fins for a few days and I noticed that I needed to set my fins just a little bit keep my feet closer to the board while "flying"

  • 0_1523380027273_OW best pic.JPG 0_1523380056892_OW pic 1.JPG 0_1523380067808_OW pic 2.JPG

    If you make fins using the knee pads alone, they won't have to customize a piece of PVC pipe as wedges to go in between the pads and the fender...I also had to secure the wedges to the fender to keep it from sliding up and down during jumps....

    Here is a 15 second video I just Posted on You Tube, showing me lift my OneWheel using my "FLYING FINS."

    If I can get 50 different people to JUST POST...."I'm INTERESTED"...I will take out the time, to Show you What to purchase and I will take out the time to make a VIDEO...and share it with EVERYONE..

    magicjay....the ONEWHEEL MacGyver

  • By the way......When people ask me...."Hey did you make that?"...I now say "YES I DID!"

  • 0_1523387853737_One Wheel Jump 2.jpg

    I CAN DO IT !!!!.....But it is a lot of WORK....The best way for me to describe it is this.....I used to SKI a lot....Sometimes I would go down a black run that was a little too difficult for me....I could do it....but it was a lot of work....If it is too much work, it took the fun out of the Skiing.
    I am nearly ready to try it out on curbs

    magicjay....the ONEWHEEL MacGyver

  • I just need 50 Different posts saying "I'm INTERESTED"....and I will make a Video showing how I did it....
    It gets to be a little less work, ("flying"), the faster I go and the more I do it.

    magicjay the ONEWHEEL MacGyver

  • @magicjay hey there. Are you in Austin, too?! If so, I definitely need you to get me to make me a set of those fins, since I’m in Austin, as well. 🤘🏻

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