Board Shutting Off

  • My Onewheel + has shut off again while riding, and I took another nasty fall. This happens in colder weather (40 degrees or so) and it's always in the first minute or so when I start up. It's happened on a full battery, low battery, etc. I start riding, and all of a sudden, I'm on the ground. No pushback, no warning, etc. The board turns off and the light is off. I turn it back on, and everything is OK. It makes no sense. I've sent the diagnostic reports, but no one responds.

    This week, I had a 5 mile ride and everything was great. The weather was sunny and in the 40's. I stopped for about 15 minutes, then turned the Board back on. I made it about 20 feet, then BAM! I went from standing to the concrete in an instant. The Board was completely off. I turned it back on and everything was fine. Luckily, I was only going about 7mph when it happened, but I have a huge welt on my hip. I looked on my app, but didn't find anything to indicate that there was an error.

    I've never opened this Board up. I've never done anything to it. I have 3 other boards; 2 original boards and another +. Nothing like this happens to those boards.

    I also noticed that the odometer was re-set at some point. I had several hundred miles on the board, and now it's in the 80's. Again, I've never had this board apart, or let the battery go down.

    Please let me know what to do. I don't want to go through this again; My left hip can't take it any more! I can't get get anyone to respond from the company when I send the diagnostics.

  • @ozob399 I have had some issues like this before and I have found a couple of things to be the cause. One is cold weather. I am not saying that you can't ride in cold weather because you certainly can. I am saying that don't let your board sit out in cold weather for too long and try to ride it as it will shut off. For example, I left my board in my car a few times overnight while it was really cold then I would try to ride and it would go for a second then just shut off. = NO FUN However once I kept the board inside and went out to ride in the cold it worked fine.
    The other thing that I have had happen to me a couple of times as it would shut off at seemingly random times shortly after starting it up. I been able to attribute this to getting some sand / dirt caught in the power button. So it wouldn't completely click the button right and it would unclick itself once I started riding etc. Hope this helps

  • I concur about dirt in the power switch. I had the same issue, wouldn't always turn off, turned itself off sometimes. Compressed air and a cotton bud. Search the FB pages for the right covers for the power switch

  • @goodblake-eskate I have ridden my plus at -5C (coming from home so board was under room temp) with no issue other than battery lasting 30% less than at "normal temps". That turning off issue looks like a hardware malfunction of some sort.

  • @iggi Reread my post.... I said you can certainly ride in cold weather just don't leave it sitting in cold weather for a long time then expect to get on it and ride it.

    I have ridden it over a thousand miles since these cold weather incidents and haven't had any trouble since. So definitely not a hardware issue. My guess is that by leaving it in the cold weather for extended period of time the battery gets too cold and isn't able to produce enough power to power the board so it just shuts off.

  • The exact same thing happened to me three days ago. The board (OW+) was fully charged and I had it in my apartment before I rode it (so it was not affected by cold temperature). It switched off two times. Both times, I was riding at rather low pace and fell to the floor. The switch-off happened when I was riding over a very small bump in the pavement (1cm) - a bump that usually does not cause issues. This was really strange, and I really lost confidence in the board due to this.

    After the incident, I tried to replicate the situation in my office. While stabilizing myself against the wall, I had the board drive over a small swell: the board switched off again. After repeating this three times, the board was again able to climb the small swell again. In the cases, where the board was switching off, I heard a snaring sound shortly before the board switched off. Tire pressure was at 20 PSI.

    Yesterday, I rode the board again without any malfunction. Of course I tried to avoid every bump I could. The thing I did different was, that I placed my feet a little closer to the tire and I also increased the tire pressure to 24 PSI. For the record: I weigh about 200 lbs.

  • My latest observation is, that the "shutting off" issue just occurs after the board has been charged. It doesn't matter whether the board was fully charged.

    Can you also link this behavior with charging?

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