• I got bit by a pit bull about a month ago while riding. I was riding toward these two people who had the dog on a leash. I used to work at a vet school and I've handled thousands of dogs and can read them really well. I told the people that their dog wanted a piece of me. When I went by the dog bit me on the calve. I was pretty angry as I had warned them and they didn't pull the dog in. Also, pit bulls are illegal in Denver.

    Since then I've been wary of dogs that I go by. One dog today wanted to get to me but the owner held him back. I think for some dogs OWs are very scary. It could be because it makes us about 6 inches taller and also that we move more quickly than someone walking,

    I live in an area where there are lot of people in apartments who have dogs so they are out walking them a lot.

  • Dogs do not like Onewheels! ๐Ÿถ ๐Ÿ˜‚

    I had one grab me by the trouser leg while I was riding to work, he pulled me right off my board.. managed to run it out! lol

  • Good point about the height. Perhaps we should crouch down a little to lower ourselves but would the dogs think we are in some sort of "attack" position? Clearly when I come up to a dog, I slow right down to walking speed until I am well clear of them.

  • @gadgetrider I slow down too just to make myself less intimidating.

  • In my experience, dogs frequently don't like ANYONE on wheels, be it a OneWheel, skateboard, or wheelchair. My own damn dog runs around barking at me when I OW in the backyard. Many dogs have a very easily-triggered general sense of "That Ain't Right". I've seen dogs bark at old people using canes or walkers, presumably because they are "walking funny".

  • @glyph @TJ04 @Cliff Not sure what you all are talking about. My dogs loves the Onewheel! :)
    Check him out on instagram @murphdoggg7

  • I agree that most dogs simply don't like things with wheels. Unless the owner has actively trained them to not go bananas around wheels, they're a threat. That means all dogs are threats while on wheels. I'm sure there are plenty of counter examples, but I'd rather not get bit, and then inevitably yelled at by some irrational dog owner who didn't train their animal.

  • I've been chased twice. I simply dismount and walk if I can't take a wide berth (on single track for example). The owners are often distracted by the OW and can't necessarily be trusted to keep a tight hold on a dog that is bent on protecting them from what is obviously a fast moving, alien threat.

  • It's not dogs only.
    My neighbor's cat gets scared every time I ride Onewheel close by, but cat always comes and play when I just walk.

    I'd say more - some people get scared seeing someone riding Onewheel :)

  • I live by a dog park and so far I've been lucky. None of them have seemed particularly interested when I've gone past. Perhaps they only go after Onewheel.Pros?

  • I found this interesting: Iโ€™m almost always riding with my own dog, and other dogs seem to care less about the Onewheel when heโ€™s with me.

    As a rule though I just get off the board and let other dogs pass.

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