Power Button Not Working Properly

  • (Onewheel+) When I try to turn on the board with the power button, it will not turn on. When I connect it to the charger, the light comes on and the app says the battery is 0%. When I disconnect the charger, the battery then registers the correct percentage, the Board is turned on and it rides fine. When I turn it off, I can't get it back on unless I connect it to the powered charger. The charger will also correctly charge the battery up to 100%.

    This is VERY strange! Have you ever heard of anything like this?!? I can only turn the board on by connecting it to the powered charger...

  • The power button is only a momentary on switch that signals the CPU to wake up or go to sleep. If you couldn't turn it on or off, then I would say it is the switch. However you say you cannot turn it on but you can turn it off. That may mean another problem within the control board's digital logic (ie - contact and send back to FM). I know of no official way to do a hard reboot of the OW. Perhaps press on the power button and hold it for 15 - 30 seconds to see if that does anything?

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