XR 1st impressions

  • Took my new board out for its maiden voyage today. Usually I drive to my offroad spot but today I rode the XR there and back. The entire ride was 8.9 miles, 4 miles offroad in Delirium and 4.9 miles on blacktop and sidewalks in Mission. When I got back and looked at my phone I couldn't believe it. It said I had 58% battery left. That roughly calculates to 21.2 miles for an entire charge, Holy Cra#!
    0_1524620467847_XR 1st ride.jpg
    Granted, the XR had 20lbs. of tire pressure (the way it came from FM) and I only weigh 133lbs. Tomorrow I'll try it again with 13lbs. of pressure in the tire and see what I have left in battery reserve.

  • @onewheelmx
    Sounds like a great ride. From past experience on the tire pressure I would expect maybe a 10-20 % reduction in range depending on the deformation experienced. I have about 100lbs on you so it makes a bigger difference for me.

  • Riding on a Hoosier slick at 45psi I can get 7.5-8 miles on a plus. I weigh 220lbs.

    Drop that to 22psi and it's a lot more like 6-6.5 miles.

  • Did the identical ride today with just 13lbs. of tire pressure and had 55% battery remaining. So, with only 13lbs. in the tire, I went 8.9 miles (4 miles offroad in Delirium, 5.9 miles on sidewalk and asphalt in Mission). That equates to a full ride of 19.78 miles. Again, holy cra#! My OW+ would do the 4 miles offroad in Delirium and have virtually nothing left in the tank. Color me impressed................

  • 0_1524693403097_XR 2nd ride.jpg

  • Hi Riders !
    Here is my first ridin' experience on OW+XR :) CLIC !
    Such a good vibe !

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