Nose dives and pressure sensor question

  • I can't name any specific threads on here but, I'm sure I've seen people attribute nose dives to having your foot come off one of the pressure sensors for some number of seconds. I have an XR that I've been purposely trying to get the board to shut off while moving by taking my foot off one of the sensors for at least 10 seconds while going roughly 5 to 7 miles per hour. I can't get the board to shut off while it is in motion. This makes sense to me as far as how the firmware should be set. So is this something fairly new as to the way the firmware is set to work, something specific to the XR or did the other people who experienced this have faulty boards?

  • @danner

    Why do you want the board to shut off? Once you're over 1 mph, you technically only need one sensor engaged. If your foot lifts off that single remaining sensor, the board will shut off. This is for emergency bails, jumping off, etc... the board turns off when both sensors are disengaged at all speeds.

    See here for FM's link to the XR Owner's Manual.

    Take a look at page 12, need to be going <1 mph with your foot off one sensor for the board to disengage. Or remove both feet to turn off... as in when you jump off.

  • Don't believe everything ya read on internet. ;) Dunno why this myth keeps being spread!

  • @skyman88 I don't want it to shut off, I was just under the initial impression that your front foot had to constantly be planted on both sensors at all times to avoid problems and I'm glad to hear that is not the case.

  • @danner Once you get going, you only need to keep pressure on one of two zones for the board to stay engaged. That said, we always recommend being well planted on both sensors as you never know how your foot might shift when going over rough terrain or different features along the road.

    Enjoy your Onewheel+ XR!

  • Thanks for bringing up this point! I had the board disengage on me when i wanted to do a sharp stationary turn or at a very slow i know why! probably i was going too slow and putting to much pressure only on the balls of my leading foot, so the board detects that i lifted my heels and shut off.

    Scared the hell out of me i thought it was a nose dive.

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