OW App Leaderboard.... Great Job Future Motion... A Safer Way to Compete With Mileage Streak!

  • @Future-Motion
    This has been a long time coming. Great call. Bravo!

  • Is it possible to view my personal streak days and mileage without being in the top 5?

  • Only took them three years to figure out leaderboards with top speed ratings were getting people hurt. Progress.

  • @hoovdini
    Always thought the top speed board provided a more global incentive to “push the limits”

  • @hooverboard
    I do not see that option currently in the APP. I also see the streak days beats miles. So if you ride 1 mile a day for 30 day you would be the leader (as an example).

    @Future-Motion A personal view for your streak when not in the top 5 could be a cool feature to add in, maybe show it under “My Rides”?

  • Did anybody find a way to view your own standing in the leaderboard? Also is there a way to show leaderboard from one country??

  • Speaking from the top 5 of the day streak leader-board: I wish it was more akin to Steam's rolling activity meter. You know: "Neodeimos has played 10 hours over the past 2 weeks". I do have to admit that the streak list is nice for those of us that just do tricks and don't really go far. So, thank you FM for that. Downside is that for those of us that just do tricks and don't really go far, we can actually stay on the streak list without ever leaving the house. Rain or shine, I'm riding. Can I actually go a day without doing so? Soon it will be next to impossible to break into this list. If not as a replacement, an additional leader-board as such would be nice.

    A leader-board that gives you 1 hour of activity when you complete a mile with a cool-down of 1 hour would measure activity pretty well and could be used rolling over a week, two weeks or more. People would get on the list and fall off of it. If you cared enough to try, you could get on the list in that period of time. But you would have to put forth active and heavy effort to keep it. A longer period would require more effort and a shorter period would have more turnover, so Future Motion could tune it to their liking.

    We all ride differently. The only thing we have in common is time, so hours seem the most sensible. Just my thoughts, anyone else thinking the same thing?

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