On Courtesy

  • Hey Onewheelers!

    I live in Los Angeles, and lately I've seen a ton of community backlash towards people riding electric scooters (specifically the "Bird" ones). They are available for rental and people can just pick them up and go. Not being financially invested in this tech, people aren't obeying rules, zooming past pedestrians, leaving their scooters in driveways etc...

    I'm so scared that this behavior will reflect on all of us who are enjoying our Onewheels and obeying all the rules, leading to tightened restrictions on how and where we can ride.

    I just wanted to say, I'm putting extra effort into being courteous whenever I'm near pedestrians... slowing waaay down, saying hi, smiling, stopping to let people pass, being really careful at intersections etc...
    I hope we as a community can all help set an example and let some of our happiness at being able to ride these amazing machines shine through to the people around us.

    Please be kind and considerate out there and try to leave everyone you encounter with a good impression!

  • @bubimude I 1000% agree with this. I go out of my way to be extremely courteous to pedestrians and will slow way down and give a lot of space especially if I see them acting nervous etc. I also go out of my way to wave at every cop I see, talk with them, and let them ride etc. I do my best to completely differentiate electric skateboards from skateboards and the negative perception of the skateboard culture. If people start complaining, we will be the minority and will have no hope. I sometimes wonder if right now is the golden age for these boards before they become highly regulated and aren't allowed to go all the places we go now. I think of things like a gocarts, ATVs or dirt bikes etc that which are basically just allowed to be ridden on private property, and hope that electric skateboards do not follow a similar fate.

    So to echo what @bubimude said, let's do our best to be overly nice and courteous to those we encounter so we can give people a positive first impression of this new technology and this will without benefit us all in the long run!

  • Also a small example of this point of being courteous will benefit us all. Awhile back, I was in a different part of town than I normally ride and was getting harassed by some mall rental cops telling me to leave the property etc. (I was running an errand there and not just cruising around). As I was talking to these rental cops, a real cop comes walking up to us. I was thinking he was going to support them; however, he stops and asks whats going on. They tell him they want me to leave because no skateboards are allowed on property. He responds 'This guy is awesome. I see him riding all the time in [different part of town]. Do you know he even rides with his dog on there? Just let him run his errand and he will be on his way.'

    The rental cops let go on my way thanks to the real cop I had encountered riding around.

  • @goodblake-eskate , @bubimude

    100% Agreed! Absolutely as OW Ambassadors we need to put forth our best in all aspects when in society. That Karma thing will circle back when you least expect it.... Alway do the right thing!!!!

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