Marin County trail riders

  • Have any of you Marin OW owners been stopped by a ranger for riding a OW on a trail (county, open space, etc.)? I do a lot of trail riding here in northern Marin. I slow down to a crawl when passing hikers, dogs and I just get off when a horse comes by.
    90% of people using the trails here are pretty cool about it but when a hiker or horse rider tells me I'm not allowed on that particular trail I just give them my bewildered look, apologize if I've upset them and tell them I wasn't aware of it. But I still keep riding those trails.

  • I used to live in Marin and bombed everything, Now I do it in the East Bay. Join LoneRollers and join up with us for a ride.

  • @onewheelmx
    I live in Marin also, but have not been stopped by a ranger. Probably would be if they saw me, since they are usually not understanding. But I've avoided them up to this point. The thing is, I see electric-assist bikes on the trail all the time, so I don't see why they'd be allowed and we wouldn't...we're also going much slower than they do bombing down hills.

  • I'm not considering the OW in the same classification as "bicycle" because I like to ride the hiking trails where bikes are not allowed (in and around the tight stuff, much slower than a hiker). Open space trail rules specify that bikes yield to hikers and that hikers yield to equestrians. My rule of thumb is to yield to everything moving on a trail; to demonstrate that I'm all about respectfully sharing the trails. When a hiker comes along I either hover in place as they pass or step of the board. If I see a horse I step off the board.

  • @beazkneaz_net where is Lone Rollers? Is that a facebook group?

    I'm on lake merritt, it would be fun to do a ride with others!

  • @granite There is one organized in the city by "Angel" who is a prominent OneWheeler. Recently they had like 20 OW's cruising around the Presidio. I'm going to join up with them on a group ride the next time they go. Check the FB pages for more info.

  • @granite @hoovdini

    Yep, that is us. Look for Lone Rollers on Instagram or FB, join our group chat on telegram

    We have a rides channel and a mod channel for those discussions. We created CNR and are continuing to innovate the OW. I live in Berkeley and am currently making a track in my backyard. we have weekly meetups with other esk8rs. Angel lives in Santa Cruz, but we all take turns hosting and organizing events.

    We have some of the smartest guys and some of the best rides for OW groups out there.

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