99% going down a hill alert -will my board actually turn off ?

  • I live on the top of a hill

    I charge my board up and as I’m heading down I get the alerts that my board is over generating and will turn off

    The board has never actually turned off, but as I’m on the top of a hill it is scary to think the board will turn off

    Does anybody have any experience with this ?

  • Yes, that sounds risky. I'd suggest burning a little bit of battery by going up hill to burn the battery down a bit before you head down.

  • Same to me.
    I ride about 20 meters down hill, then back up hill, then all the way down hill.
    No warnings from board :)

  • @vitaly : it´s the app which makes the warning sound, not the board

    and yes, once the regeneration exceeds 100% the board will do a very quick pushback (which is hard to feel, because of the breaking/acceleration going downhill) and will then shut off. i live in the same situation and at the beginning it happened to me several times, before I understood how much charge I had to burn.
    it is not fun going free wheelin´ downwards a hill, so be careful when you are 100% charged on the top of a hill - always burn some charge first in such situations.

  • @jackiemoon You can turn that off over regen alerts in the app settings if you like...

    Just one of those things to be aware of when you first take it off the charger. On a hill you might burn 10% battery going up (at least on a OW+) you will only regen 1% going down. Or something like that, so a quick ride around the block or whatever always works for me but yes, it is unnerving getting that alert while going down a hill.

    Go down a few times and note how much regen you get in the app. Just make sure you always burn at least that amount before hand. I also live on a hill.

  • Use a cnr setup? Set the battery to a lower voltage so it doesn't charge fully.. 😀

  • @cr4p said in 99% going down a hill alert -will my board actually turn off ?:

    @vitaly : it´s the app which makes the warning sound, not the board

    Yes app makes the sound, but it's board warns you through the app :)

  • thanks for the feedback. this is odd. I ride around the neighborhood with the kids and literally I will have gone 1.8 miles and I'm still at 100% getting alerts.

    I guess I'll have to watch charging the stop when I get to 95%.

    would be good if they pushed a firmware update that only charged boarded to 98%

    The board is awesome. Totally, addictive !

  • What they really need to do is redesign the recharge circuit so that it's smart enough to stop regen charging the battery when it's at 100%. Why this wasn't implemented yet is to me one of the great mysteries of the Onewheel.

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