Mission or Delirium for beginner

  • Got my XR not too long ago and tried it on sequoia and had two crashes. So the kind folks on the forum told me to ride it under 15mph on mission mode to avoid the pushback. Rode it for 7 miles yesterday on mission and another 5 miles today on delirium. I found delirium to be more responsive. I could make tighter turns on it. But it did get more “wobbly” at times. Just wanna know what’s everybody’s take on mission vs delirium. I’m also wondering if delirium eats up more battery.

  • @jkenshiro I prefer Delirium almost 100% of the time, but I also ride on asphalt almost 100% of the time. I do switch to mission if I riding on trails etc. The little extra play in Mission I find to be better while off roading.

  • @goodblake-eskate delirium is better for off road because the torque is more powerful than mission....

  • @jkenshiro All else equal, for ride quality I prefer Mission on pavement and Delirium off-road. Delirium eats more battery, but there is some speculation that it may be slightly less prone to nosedive (due to increased torque and responsiveness - it is quicker to correct an imbalance, while Mission lets you go "looser"). On an XR the battery-usage difference between modes might be a non-consideration, but on a + like mine, it could be the difference between having to break up a trip for a recharge or not.

  • @glyph fully agree.

    Also on less aggressive trails I prefer the “dartiness” of Mission. Delirium is better with roots, rocks, etc... and actually helps pop you over obstacles rather than being stopped by them.

    It’s all personal preference but Mission was made for buttery, smooth, floaty carving on the streets. Definitely uses less battery.

    I’d say I’m Mission 75-90% of the time. Also, Mission on my Plus and XR feel slightly different, so you should experiment and find what best suites you.

  • All of my 3 nosedives have been in Mission, while I've had zero in Delerium. Seemingly regardless of skill level. All on pavement.

  • @readysetawesome I'm experimenting with raising my tire pressure enough to compensate somewhat for the battery loss so as to just use Delerium all the time. I like Mission a lot on pavement, but I cannot afford to have another bad nosedive; one's enough.

  • @glyph yeah I ride a bit firmer tire than stock at ~22 psi in delerium and it gets 6-7 miles of range which works OK.... until the XR arrives and then pschawwww....

  • On the third day of having my OneWheel I leaned to far forward and apparently overpowered the motor. It dove and I ended up with a broken collarbone. I'm fully recovered but now I set it on Elevated. It keeps the nose up and makes me less worried about repeating that accident. I haven't had a problem since.

  • @cliff Where was your front foot positioned? A lot of us had nosedives early on, in part, because of putting that front foot too far forward. I used to keep it all the way at the front edge, thinking it would offer the best control. While that's true, it leads to a lot more nosedives - if you keep the front foot closer to the wheel, then overwhelming the motor is less likely.

  • @readysetawesome I agree and echo this 1000 times over. Keep front foot close to the tire / fender especially in the beginning! You can adjust as you get more comfortable but I still keep my fairly close after 5000+ miles

  • @readysetawesome I was leaning way to far forward. It didn't dawn on me that i would eventually overpower the motor and the front end would hit the pavement. Then I went on the forum and found out what I did wrong. Since then I keep my front foot pretty close to the wheel. Having it in Elevated is probably just an overreaction for me but that fall was the most violent thing I've had happen to me and gave me my first broken bone. But since then I haven't had a problem. In fact, I just done done with a midnight ride around Lower Downtown Denver had a great time. I've noticed lately how the OneWheel kind of become part of you and the turns become so much easier and graceful. I'm loving this thing.

  • All it takes is time, the more time you spend on the board the better you will get until you are in 100% absolute control at all times. Don't try to be a speed demon as the OneWheel is not meant for that and that's where the injuries occur. Keep it 15mph or under and take it easy going uphills.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @readysetawesome I had the same experience. Had 3 awful nosedives in Mission (on pavement...) Now that I've switched to Delirium I can ride more aggressive without feeling like the nose will crunch at any second. Definitely uses more battery but lets be real.. with the XR battery is just not an issue anymore. I still get 16+ miles in Delirium on one charge.

  • I go between mission and delirium all the time.
    Going on the road and need more miles then mission.
    Going for a shorter fun ride in the streets or in the forest then Delirium is the weapon of choice.
    I have tried Cruise also but that's probably for going window shopping only.

  • For OW+ I was mostly mission, even off-road, delirium was just a bit too loose. For XR it's all delirium.

  • @theoneinmn I've experienced the same thing. 2 nosedives in Mission, one ended in a nasty fall at 23+mph. I'm convinced there's little or no push back in Mission, whereas other modes have push back and will keep you from weight shifting too far forward.. I like the feel of Mission for cruising on pavement, but have to switch to another mode for safety

  • @scotterer Mission is indeed a very smooth ride for pavement. I always put my board back in Mission when one of my friends want to learn because it feels stable. I am hesitant to ride too hard because the pushback kicks in sooner/more subtlety than other modes (in my opinion). I rode 80 miles in Delirium in the last few days and I can't go back. Felt almost "too loose" at first BUT now it's nothing but butter. The playful and surfy feeling is so addicting. Once you learn to tame the beast, its the best ride on the XR!

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