New member, first post and my thoughts on Onewheel Plus

  • Hello All,

    This is my first post, I hav been trying to register and become a member at the end I had to call customer support two times in three weeks and finally they confirmed.

    I made a video of me riding the wheel and chatting on my thoughts.

    my thoughts video

    Onewheel Plus

  • @smokeytruck

    Long video... you need to practice dismounting for a few hours. Try holding onto a railing or a friend until you get the hang of it.

    The emergency method (or just preferred by some) of dismounting is to slow down and simply quickly take your front foot off while pushing down with your rear foot. Essentially you’ll get a quarter turn of wheel slip but it’s a safe way to stop in a hurry and hold onto the board (due to your back foot staying in contact).

    There are some YouTube videos out there for sure. You should pad up and then start testing the board, carving is where the real fun is, not just straight line transportation.

  • Getting off is simple, and graceful, if you just lift your heel. It does take some practice. Here's a video I made, watch my heel and listen for the click - that sound is the board deactivating.

    Toward the end you can see me using the same technique to deactivate and reactivate the board quickly - "stall" - without bringing it to rest on the ground.

  • @skyman88 Agree! straight lines are not only boring, but they lead to increased fatigue on your legs and your feet.

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