My xr is giving me 15 flashes

  • Xr is giving me 15 flashes when it's plugged in to the wall but won't turn on at all when I unplug it. I did ride through some puddles today but it was dry before I plugged it in. The manual has no reading for 15 flashes. Any ideas?

  • @rictor315 does the charger light change from green to red when charging ? condensed water visible on the plastic cover of the led lights ?

  • No the light just stays green. And yes it looks like the back lights have some moisture

  • Sounds like you broke your battery from water damage. Repair bill is going to be brutal :/

  • @rictor315 ok, i more or less had the same situation: i removed both bumpers (lot of water underneath front bumper - XR), unplugged battery cable. When i plugged battery cable back in, board switched on and could be charged. On/off button not working though. I removed led cover (easy, double sided foam tape) to let moisure get out. Also unplug all other cables because of potential water accumulation there. I was feeling very bad and had to get away for three days. Upon return: trala everything ok. I guess there is water getting into the on/off switch or something. Hope yours come back to life too.

  • Thanks everyone it actually did come back and started charging now. Aren't the Onewheels water tight? I didn't think it would cause problems.

  • @rictor315 water resistant and this is a much debated topic on Facebook.

    Some ride through 3” of ocean every day without issue and some hit a puddle one time and their board dies. If you do go through water best bet is to let your board fully dry before plugging it in. Some folks leave it overnight to dry or add bags of rice near by or run a dehumidifier.

  • @rictor315 My + goes in the shower for cleaning never an issue. The XR is obviously a bit water shy ...

  • I have ridden my XR through the rain / water countless times including this morning in complete downpour; However, I do realize this a risk. It is like pushing through pushback. It's a risk but I do it just with caution.

  • Well it kept quitting on me again so I sent it in to future motion yesterday. Still under warranty but I hope they don't say water damage isn't covered

    Nevermind the book says water damage is not covered

  • @rictor315 That sucks man. Anything happened to make it go bad (water related) ? Keep us posted on the outcome ! (although FM usually doesn´t elaborate on what was wrong; with water damage they will have to be clear about that of course)

  • Will do although right now the shipping time is the most painful part. 6 days there 6 back plus repair time. Just wanna ride.

  • @rictor315 That´s why you need two OW´s :)

  • @ooww - two seems risky. Three is a safer bet really. ;-)

  • My XR, that I have literally less than a couple miles on (it's been a busy spring at work) just started giving me 15 flashes. It's been in a nice, dry office this whole time, save for a couple spins around the parking lot. The problem started where it just won't connect to my phone. I rebooted the phone, restarted bluetooth on the phone, restarted the app, nothing. Eventually just removed the OW and tried to find it again, nothing. Reinstalled the apps, still nothing. Is this possibly one of the first XR that had board problems?

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