Selling my onewheel+

  • Got it new last July and just haven't rode it near as much as I would have liked. It has around 50 miles on it and it also has a fender on it.

    It has a few minor scratches on the rail but that's expected. Having issues posting pictures from my phone so PM an email and I can send them via email.

    I'll ship it in the original box future motion sent it to me in.

    I'm asking $1300 which includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Local pick up is fine too and I'll subtract shipping.

  • Bump....Offers?

  • 50 miles....Go ride that thing!!

  • it's hard right now with the XR release. And an endless -$100 sale on the plus. I recently tried to sell one of my used boards (with about 1000 miles) at $950, no takers.

    I agree, put some miles on it! then you'll get a lot more value out of it.

  • Yeah as soon as I decided to sell it I saw they were offering a sale on the +. go figure! hahaha I just cant let it go for much less as its dang near new and not yet a year old even. I dont need to sell it but its sitting more than being ridden and I hate to see machines sit, its not good on them. Guess I just need to make time to ride it until i can sell it for less.

  • @readysetawesome u still have boards

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