XR overestimating SoC by a lot

  • as first reported here and here.

    did the 48h charge, which put an additional 4 amp hours on it (~2.2 past "100%/let's ride" notification).

    took it for a ride just now - battery usage is 8% after 1.2 miles (expected). but SoC still says 100% (unexpected). please see attached pic.


  • UPDATE: I did the full drain over the weekend (which took forever because XR), which brought the app's reporting of SoC a little bit closer to reality, but it's still off by like 8% (it was off by closer to 15%, which I found out by having the board shut off around there). Anyway, if anyone knows of a better/faster way to recalibrate the battery, that'd be awesome. Fully draining it is a royal PITA.

  • I've had this problem with one of my two Onewheel+ boards since a few weeks after I got it. It seems quite clear that it is a software defect.

    No amount of draining to 0% has been helpeful.

    Mine has drifted further from being accurate and is off by 20-35% depending on where I am in the cycle. in many hours of attempting to reset or re-calibrate, nothing I've tried has fixed it. I sent the board in for an other repair (clicking hub sound) and mentioned the battery gauge problem, FM didn't mention it and the board came back with the same weird battery gauge behavior, which persists to this day. They even did some kind of hardware reset because the odometer had been reset to 0.

    The only workaround I've found is to keep the board on and monitor % usage in the bottom right corner. (usage - regen) is a good formula for finding out what % of a full battery you've consumed. Others have had some luck with monitoring mileage instead of battery %.

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