Shipping status on hold?

  • I'm from Australia.
    I ordered an XR on 16 May with order number #26***.
    I emailed support with a copy of the customs approval on 22 May. When I try to track my order at nothing comes up when I press "Track my order." On inspecting the code, I can see that the response shows "status: onhold".
    What can I do to start getting the delivery under way?

    Edit: After emailing support with a copy of an approved vehicle import applciation from, shipping status is changed from onhold to backordered. Estimated shipping June 12!

  • I find myself in the same situation. The "dude page" shows nothing, but inspecting the response show a json with "status: onhold". Mailed support 3 days ago, but no feedback yet on why my order is on hold.

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