New XR Owner First Week

  • My XR arrived Tuesday! I ordered it in March after riding a Onewheel+ for an hour or so. So far I have 43 miles over about half a dozen hours. Initial experience below... for background, I'm 185 lbs and my board sports experience is limited to two days of snowboarding ending in a broken tailbone. I'm in good but certainly not incredible shape.

    The wiki is great for advice on staying centered over the board and keeping your lead foot close. First day I was able to get up and doing figure 8 loops within about half an hour, and have been carving on streets each day since about an hour a day. That first day I took it on the street and got the wobbles over about 12 mph... haven't had issues since and if it wobbles on me I've learned to relax and ride it out. Top speed is 16.3mph, which is fine... I don't need to break anything. I've kept it in Mission except for a few minutes where I tried Delirium... I've been strictly street riding... no decent trails around here unfortunately (I live in the city). I feel pretty comfortable... I can stay balanced at the stoplight when waiting for the light, open and shut my gate on the onewheel, etc. Touched the nose down yesterday when I was accelerating hard from balanced at a dead stop... recovered no issues.

    My second and third day I played around with my stance. At first I was riding with my lead foot angled out, about 30 degrees off perpendicular to the board. I noticed folks in videos look like they ride with both feet nearly perpendicular, so I switched and the board feels more controllable. I was a little uncomfortable about eating it in that position, as if I get thrown at speed I see no way I can run it out, but as I've become more comfortable with the board doesn't seem to be too much of a factor.

    I haven't noticed any foot fatigue or calf issues. I ride goofy, and my leading right knee has started to ache a bit when I first start and especially right after I stop (oddly I don't really notice it once I'm until the ride until I get off)... As a result, last night I started trying to learn to ride regular to even things out. I figured with the smooth ability to reverse direction that can only be a good thing in the long run. Riding regular I'm more "jerky," both at speed and doing parking lot figure 8s, and get the wobbles at higher speeds again... I think this is because I'm trying to control the board with both feet riding regular. Today I concentrated more on just controlling with the rear foot and it seemed to get better... I can carve on the streets a little bit riding regular but I'm certainly not as comfortable as with goofy.

    Dismounts are still a little awkward, although I've gotten a lot better. It seems like 1 out of 4 times the board just doesn't want to disengage and drop me off.

    Overall, super happy with this thing. Been a total blast; I love the floaty feeling... once I get into the zone it's like the board is just connected to my brain. Only complaint is the fender should be standard... it arrived two days after the board and I'm so glad to have no gravel and street sand in my shoe after a ride. Today riding through puddles after a rain was an amazing feeling!

  • Great write up. I ordered mine a few days ago and will be waiting a few weeks but I’m super excited. Are you getting the flight fins?

  • Was the brief switch to delirium noticeable to you?

  • @jbnerkg No plans for it currently. I don't think they're a great idea for a new rider. Plenty of times I've had an awkward dismount due to the board not shutting off. I could see how a flight fin could catch as the board spins around you, and result in a twisted ankle.
    I'm happy carving on the street in the meantime while I learn the board.

  • @getpittedbruh Yes... Delirium is definitely different. I tried it again for a couple minutes today to verify.
    Mission the board will rock underneath you. When you hit bumps and cracks it will oscillate a little; not in a bad way but in a way that makes you feel connected to the pavement. It leans with you initially when you nose down for acceleration or nose up for stopping.
    Delirium (to me) feels like it is trying to keep a steady platform at all times. You feel like you are on a solid board. You nose down to accelerate... instead of rocking forward it stays much more horizontal. In my very limited time you lose that buttery feeling that keeps you in touch with the road.
    Also when I tried Delirium today without totally even meaning to I blew past 17mph just as my neighbor was trying to ask me something... I turned my head to answer him and then started wobbling pretty bad. Came close to eating it. Right back to Mission!
    Riding through puddles with the fender is awesome... the water spray makes you feel like your floating on water...
    Question for the crowd: How do you open the android app settings? I can get to board setting pretty easily. I got to the app settings once and can't figure out how I did it. I'm talking about the settings where you select whether you get a connect/disconnect notification, switch for riding goofy, etc.

  • IMO 16.5 is pretty fast for your first week. I know the XR is less likely to nosedive than my plus but it still seems a bit much.

    I ride at least an hour daily, I have very good technique after 2000 miles of practice, but even so I always ride with full pads and typically keep it at 13mph or less.

    Glad you’re having fun and sounds like you’re a natural at it!

  • @RedDog when you open app, look over to the most right side bottom of app. App settings are there, and where goofy footed etc is.

  • @waftingtransient yes but you can not be connected to the board so you need to disconnect first.

  • @readysetawesome Sound advice. I've introduced lots of people to motorcycling... I've noticed the "trouble zone" is about month 3. When a learner starts, they're super respectful of the bike and conscious of limits. Quickly though, confidence rises while skill level grows slowly. Around month 3, confidence > skill which usually leads to an accident. Similar thing here I suppose.
    I've been staying below 14 mph 98% of the time.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Update. End of week 2, closing on 100 miles. I'm getting more comfortable riding switch, and doing quick 90 turns on the tire edge. Got chased by a dog. Overall having a blast. I mostly stay around 10-15 mph, although I did get up to 17.8 on Mission. I don't recall feeling pushback.
    I'm much more comfortable on the dismount; I rarely have an issue with it staying engaged when I'm ready to get off anymore. I have started to have some phantom shutdowns, where it disengages while I'm balanced at a stop. I use flat soled Skecher and Vans board shoes, so footwear aren't a contributing factor... Not a deal killer as it doesn't occur at speed but a little annoying.
    Been out in hard rain several times and the board seems fine with it (other than the occasional phantom shutdown). I have ground down to the machine screws on the corner of the front and rear bumpers. I'm considering float plates. I ride at night a fair amount, staying to 5mph if the streetlights aren't good. The built in LEDs are great for being seen, but aren't enough to illuminate the road at anything more than a jogging pace.

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