14 Blinks.... also shutting down trying to mount board???

  • Hey guys,

    Need some help.... I seem to have a few issues with my OW. I've had my board for a few days.

    My OW seems to have a mind of its own when it wants to go or not. This morning I turned the OW on and connected to my phone. Charge is at 85%, go to mount the board and the wheel jerks a little then shuts off and power button light goes off. So I proceed to turn it on again, same thing happens. After doing this a few times the board stayed on and I was able to go.

    Next issue...

    I'll be riding and when I slow down the board shuts off and I get 14 blinks... I turn it off and back on then the 14 blinks go away. I'll start riding and it will randomly happens again.

    Next issue...

    If I dismount by jumping off, the board goes for a few feet then shuts off. I come to a complete stop before jumping off. Could I be doing something wrong? I know this could be user error...
    Or could this be an issue with the sensors and tied to my first problem?

    It would really suck if I have to send the board back... I'm all the way out in Hawaii..

    I'll try to charge the baord overnight and see if this fixes anything....


  • This doesn't sound like user error.

    I'm no expert, only had my board a couple of weeks but this doesn't sound anything at all like my experience. If the board is on the ground (you aren't holding it) when you turn it on it should be good to go. And it definitely shouldn't roll after you jump off.

    Did the over night charge help?

    I'd get an email to FM support if I were you. Good luck mate, hope it gets sorted for you soon.

  • @libertine I could not seem to find any post with related issues, that's why I think it's might be an isolated issue

    I sent an email to FM yesterday after making this post... I have yet to take her for a ride due to a rain storm today.. Still waiting to hear back from support.. I wish they had a number to call.

  • 0_1450944852475_image.png

    After charging it overnight... The issues are still there.. Now when I go to settings in the app all the values are blank.. Not zeros.. Blank

    Looks like my OW is headed back to FM to figure out what's wrong.. Now I'm getting this error on the app. Sucks that I barely got a week of riding but hopefully it will be fixed fast... This thing is addicting!

  • @ripdis85 Are you based in the US? Did FM say something about how to send the board with the new ban of lithium batteries on airplanes?

  • @Polle I'm still waiting on a reply from FM.. I thought the ban was only on commercial passenger planes?

  • @ripdis85 ah OK, I'm from Europe, was not sure about this...

  • @ripdis85 I'm in Oz (Australia) and a couple of days ago UPS advised they would not air freight my OW back to the USA for repairs. Have not heard back from FM yet - Probably the Christmas break?

  • @Tjandamurra I just dropped my OW off this past weekend. UPS had no issues with shipping my box. Box is still on island so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I hope they do get my issues resolved. I miss riding and its only been a couple of days

  • @ripdis85 I got onto UPS in Oz twice today and each time (different operator) I was advised that they would not ship (air freight) anything with ni-cad batteries over 100Wh. The OW batteries are 130Wh - D'oh! I advised UPS that the batteries in a Onewheel were LiFePo4 and not ni-cad but that did not seem to matter much, it was the Wh they work on. Waiting on a response from FM.

  • @Tjandamurra hope you get things figured out with UPS.

  • I had the same issue after riding at the beach 1 time. A lot of people were like, yeah, real cool device there, doesn't even work.

    After several minutes and hitting power on/off it started to work again. I think maybe it had to do with the sensors sensing the sand maybe? Got a few more rides out of it before it went back to the 14 blinks and personal space message. Sprayed it down at home and it was back to normal. Haven't had issues since.

  • My board is headed back home.. Looks like the issues were caused by a bad battery and sensor pad.. Can't wait to get her back!

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