The Impatience Game

  • I've been ogling the Onewheel XR since it was announced. Living in rural northern Canada and having a relatively short season to use it, I couldn't wait for the spring to buy my XR. Now here I sit, June 1 and no XR in sight and the local retailers are now telling me the XR won't likely be in stock until possibly July. Ugh, I say...ugh. Do I just compromise and buy the + even though I want the XR? (Rhetorical question really) I was really hoping to be commuting on this awesome product in the spring/summer/fall but my commute is around the range of the + and there are some hills and trails in between so likely I would be buying myself a cool toy but not be able to use it for the commute. I know...bla bla bla...I feel like the whiny kid that didn't get his new bike for Christmas.

  • @mot You should wait and buy the XR!

  • I totally agree, the XR is well worth the wait!

  • I've had my XR for about a week. I've ridden it down to 30% charge a couple of times... I'd have a lot of range anxiety on the standard Onewheel+, and have run out of juice on at least one occasion.

    If you can afford the XR, my advice is get it.

    As far as the "off season," this guy rode his through a Boston winter as a commuter and had a positive experience:

    I think you'll find that your riding season is longer than you think... Not yearround, but longer than just a few months in summer.

  • @reddog Thanks for that link! Yes, I'm waiting out the XR. If I buy the + I'll end up buying the XR too, past experience tells me. Best to wait. Cheers for the replies, folks.

  • I can't wait any longer, so I ordered a +. I live in a remote area and have to have it shipped but I have to get my onewheel fix!!! Wednesday is the day!

  • Wait for the XR! It's worth it. Where in rural Northern Canada? I'm from B.C. and YT and now live in Iceland. Just curious about circumpolar riders

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