Good place to try onewheel in the Bay Area?

  • Hi --

    A few weeks ago I attended the Maker Faire in San Mateo. Future Motion was on site to let people try their onewheel product. I gave it a try and although I was pretty wobbly on it I liked the overall experience. However, I only had about ten minutes or so to try it out. After the Maker Faire, I did go to the b8ta store in Palo Alto where I could ride a onewheel for a bit but I could only do so in a back alley. I would love to give the onewheel another go but for a longer period of time. Would anyone in the Bay Area know where I could go to ride/rent one for a while? Does Future Motion offer rides on site at their Santa Cruz HQ?

  • @mikelc there is a rental service online. I think it's $169 for 3 day rental plus $50 insurance. They ship it to you. Onewheel+.

  • @wheelrich Thanks for the info. For the online rental service, are you referring to

  • @mikelc that's the one.

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