Onewheel app?

  • Why can I only access my data when the board is on? Am I doing something wrong?
    Also- sucks that I have to have my phone with me with the Apple Watch (cellular version) Should be able to ride phone free. That’s all. Love my new XR. Need some Toronto friends to ride with :)

  • @emzee77 I have the app, but no board delivered yet. Still, I am able to find riders in the area, even without connecting with a board. My guess as to the reason you can't access board info without connecting, has to do with the fact that some people have more than one board. Also, since the app monitors your ride, it makes sense to wait until you connect to share all the board info, past and present. It could be programmed many different ways, maybe this was just one of the easier ways, and helps hold down server traffic. But, it's all a guess! Just passing time, waiting for my XR to come.

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