First (or worst) wipeout?

  • So it happened... after cruising with style and grace, improving those deep carves and even stopping and setting the board down at will, it finally happened. At around 8am on Sunday after setting out early to get some sunrise pics and having a beautiful ride in the deserted streets of my little town, it all came to a very abrupt halt.

    Now I'm not exactly sure what happened but can only put it down to a combination of over confidence and not being fully awake. Somehow the board completely went from under me and at around 10 mph or so I hit the hard, unforgiving, cold wet concrete of my high street. Seriously winded and barely able to stand, I had no option but to get back on and ride the short distance home... Reeeaaally slooowly.

    Wearing only wrist guards for protection, my left elbow required 6 stitches and I've been unable to walk without crutches for 2 days due to some bad ass bruising on the left side of my pelvis. Luckily nothing broken and my head didn't make contact.

    So what have I learnt?

    1. I will be getting a helmet.. I know my head didn't make contact, which supports my initial reason for not wearing a helmet, but the overwhelming thought is that it could have been much worse.

    2. I will keep anything of value on the right side of my body when skating.. The leading left side definitely took all the impact .. Luckily my camera and iPhone were on the right side and unscathed.

    3. Respect the board and my own ability. My car can probably reach around 130mph. There are good reasons I don't drive at that speed.

    So there we have it. Feeling less sore this evening and looking forward to grabbing a helmet and getting back on the wheel. It'd be good to hear some similar experiences from others here, especially from those who've been riding a while, and also what you've learnt (if anything!) from them. Maybe it'll help others with their choice of safety gear and what to do when it all goes tits up!

  • I have a triple 8 brain saver and a capix basher helmet. The capix was cheaper, and I like it a lot more (both are XLs, but the triple 8 is a bit too tight causing hotspots.

  • Eating asphalt in front of a group of onlookers is also extremely painful!

  • Outch that sounded bad -I'm Still recovering from my sprained ankle after trying out a higher PSI last month.

    Rolled it really bad, and had held off riding for a week (which was terribly painful once I actually did- but I couldn't resist! :) )

    My whole left body took the fall as well, wrist and hip still hurt :(

    I've ordered a few diffferent ankle guards since then but have returned them due to being too bulking for the converse I usually wear. Anyone else wear and can recommend ?

  • @SC720 haha yeah I can imagine! Luckily there was no one around!

  • @libertine I had a similar bail a while back where I was carving kind of deep and the board kind of just went out from under me. I went down hard on my side as well, right in front of my wife, who was recording me on her cell phone at the time! I popped right up and said "Did you get that??" Lol. Had a huge bruise on my left hip for weeks. That wasn't my first or worst fall, but it taught me to be mindful of counter balancing my weight on the board when carving.

  • First blood was a carve, at the very same moment the board decided it was time for pushback, didnt work out well :D cant upload a picture simce the stupid forum thinks all pictures are to big >_< they should really get a resize script for that

  • Welcome to the club :grinning:

  • I hit a hole in the sidewalk on the way to get condoms. It was dark I was in a hurry and not focused on what I was doing.... Understandable... lol... Took a full out superman dive onto the pavement! Hurt my shoulder pretty bad but luckily I was wearing a big coat helmet and wrist guards. Lesson: Focus on the journey not the destination.

  • @MichaelW So did you still end up using the condoms?!?! :)

    @libertine hope you recover quickly. I am wearing helmet and wrist guards all the time now while riding on concrete. Only time i may not wear them is when on grass or the beach. Just not worth the risk.. when we were all a lot younger.. getting hurt meant not being able to go outside.. now.. getting hurt could mean not being able to provide for ourselves and family.

  • @BadWolf said:

    First blood was a carve, at the very same moment the board decided it was time for pushback, didnt work out well :D cant upload a picture simce the stupid forum thinks all pictures are to big >_< they should really get a resize script for that

    Yeah no kidding! I had to download another iPhone app just to upload a photo!

  • @callenj357 Agreed. I also wear impact shorts under my regular shorts, and the more I see how many people have hurt their hips falling the more happy I am that I bought them. Just hope I never get a chance to find out if they work!

  • Today during a decently sharp turn, the board shut off. Magiclly I was able to balance the board long enough for it to restart without crashing, and I drove away with half a heartattack.

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