Really hard to go back!

  • I tried going back to my old school mini longboard today and noticed that I constantly leaning forward to increase speed 😂
    It's really hard to stop doing that now!
    No complain, just a fun fact.

  • Yeah it's a thing, I tried a Trampa board and was doing the same thing. A seasoned eSk8 boarder friend did the same thing after some time only on onewheel. Seems pretty a dangerous thing especially in an emergency situation. How do you unprogram your head?

  • Yeah, I had a OW+ for about 8 months, and took a bad spill and hurt my shoulder. I sold my OW+ (because of mental games), and once I healed, I bought myself an E-glide board because four wheels is more "stable". There is nothing like the OW experience. I recently sold my E-glide (robust great product, but just not for me), and I now have an XR due on my doorstep any day ;)

  • @redboyjan I guess you don't.

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